Less than 24 hours before Nexus3C launch the NEW Conformal Coating Supplier Database

The Conformal Coating Supplier Database from Nexus3C is launching tomorrow, Friday, June 1st 2012.

The Conformal Coating Supplier Database brings together manufacturers of conformal coating equipment and materials, conformal coating service providers, distributors, training suppliers and consultants all in one easy to use searchable index system.

All of the data provided is provided by the suppliers themselves in a constrained format to allow users to find information quickly and efficiently.

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The Junes Nexus3c Conformal Coating Database Newsletter will be launched in 2 days…..

Apply for the Nexus3C Newsletter which will be launched free to all companies who sign up to receive a copy.

The Newsletter signposts to industry events, exhibitions, new suppliers, products, training opportunities and any area that aids users of conformal coatings to improve their process.

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Parylene Conformal Coating Explained in the Nexus Technical Database

Nexus have a full section of information on Parylene Conformal Coating in their Technical Database. Information includes:

  • Parylene Material Description
  • What Is Parylene?
  • Characteristics and advantages
  • Typical applications

Nexus brings together the accumulated knowledge of a uniquely qualified group of conformal coating and electronics material dispensing consultants, who are focused on helping electronics manufacturing clients improve their conformal coating processes.

Whichever service or product you seek, Nexus3C can help you find it.

Contact Nexus for their Parylene Conformal Coating Section

Conformal Coating Equipment, Material and Process Selection with Nexus

Nexus3C offers invaluable advice, practical experience and knowledge to assist in the selection of a conformal coating process, conformal coating material or item of conformal coating equipment.

Nexus3C Consultants have intimate knowledge of available conformal coatings and conformal coating equipment in the market place and work with suppliers on a regular basis. They are also aware of the current standards, legislation, and best practices and have in-depth experience in recommending processes that work immediately and without compromise.

This allows Nexus3C to recommend the optimum practical and commercially suitable process for the customer, without compromise to results.

Inline and Batch Dip Coating System Suppliers Available on the Nexus Supplier Database

Joining the Nexus supplier Database gives you access to comparison tables of the conformal coating dip coating machines and systems globally available. Systems include batch and inline dip machines, vertical and horizontal dip coating, viscosity and temperature controlled systems with options to have built in UV, infrared and convection curing as part of the process.

Click for Access to the Nexus Supplier Database.

UV Cure Equipment for Conformal Coatings and other Electronics Materials compared at Nexus

Joining the Nexus supplier Database gives you access to comparison tables of the conformal coating UV Cure Systems globally available. Systems include Microwave and arc lamp technologies, inline and bench top conveyors and Static  Flood Lamp Systems.

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Nexus Conformal Coating Database blog

Access the Nexus Conformal Coating Database blog which gives up to date conformal coating information on Nexus, conformal coating processes, new initiatives and other areas of conformal coating that may be of interest.

Nexus also have several company feeds streaming into its website so that you can follow other companies on their conformal coating and dispensing blogs.

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