Nexus July Newsletter focuses on Conformal Coating Material Challenges

The July issue of the Nexus Newsletter will focus on Conformal Coating Material Challenges. The issue will explore many areas including:

  • Expert Views from Materials and Equipment Suppliers, Users and Coating Service Providers  of both liquid and XY materials.
  • A technical article on the key material challenges including the issues of lead free processing, cleaning, adhesion and the standards
  • A guide on how to choose a material and a material supplier

Nexus will also be announcing a large material research project aimed at benchmarking all of the mainstream materials. The Research Program will be open to Suppliers and Users a like and will aim to show an independent view on material performance against standards and tests. These results will enable companies to determine how good their conformal  coating  material is and just what are the alternatives.

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PREVIEW: August Edition of the Nexus Newsletter will focus on Conformal coating Inspection, Automated Inspection and AOI.

Nexus is an Independent Conformal Coating Resource and Database

Nexus brings together the accumulated knowledge of a group of conformal coating and electronics material dispensing consultants who provide a unique service, focussed on helping electronics manufacturing clients improve their conformal coating and electronics materials processes.

Nexus operate across North America, Europe and Asia and can provide a unique perspective to the rapidly growing conformal coating and electronics materials industry. Expertise is held in liquid and parylene coating, capital equipment sales and specifications and material, equipment and process specification, troubleshooting and training.

One of the founder members of Nexus is Dr Lee Hitchens PhD who has worked within the conformal coating industry for over 18 years. Until recently Dr Hitchens’ work included sales of conformal coating materials and capital robotic equipment in all areas of the world. However, he decided to form Nexus and become independent.

Dr Hitchens sums up Nexus,

“The demands on conformal coatings and the processes that apply them are becoming more and more complex with the exponential growth in electronics. Couple this with the knowledge gap and the lack of time to learn in most companies and you find a very difficult situation for most users.

Nexus is here to bridge the gap. Independent of all material and major capital equipment suppliers, our consultants can offer a unique perspective into conformal coating that users can tap into, as much or as little as needed. We can champion the user but also offer help to the supplier who needs to educate a rapidly growing market across the globe.”

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Nexus Conformal Coating How To Guide Available…. Hand Spray a Printed Circuit Board

Conformal Coating hand spraying is one of the widest used processes including spray guns and aerosol application. Understand the limitations, advantages and disadvantages of the method, along with guidelines on viscosity & process control.

This is available through Nexus. go to the How To Guide Section and log in for the How to Guide for Conformal Coating…Hand Spray a Printed Circuit Board

Protect your company from Conformal Coating Process issues and have Nexus Support You.

What would the true cost of not getting your conformal coating process right?

  • A batch of PCBs scrapped?
  • A machine damaged?
  • A lawsuit for damages which could have been avoided?

Help protect your processes. Nexus can offer  ongoing conformal coating support contracts for all levels of budget including the Great Value BRONZE 12 Month Package for companies who just need the occasional contact.

These support packages are designed to minimise the risk before it happens and offer Conformal Coating FIRST AID for when problems occur

Be Ready for process problems NOW. Having an in-house conformal coating expert available for problems that occur infrequently is very expensive in today’s economic world.

Twelve Month Conformal Coating Support Contracts offered by Nexus include:

SCH Technologies are Exhibiting at Farnborough Airshow.

SCH Technologies, the UK’s best known conformal coating service provide is exhibiting at the show in July.  As part of their show highlights they will be marketing MG Chemicals new product range including NEW RF shielding materials.

Nexus will be exhibiting with the North West Aerospace Alliance in Hall 1 of the Farnborough International Air Show in July.

Visit the Farnborough Air Show Website for further details or visit Nexusto see what we can do for you.

SCH in the Nexus Conformal Coating Spotlight

SCH Technologies are introducing a new range of products from MG Chemicals.

The new range of materials are to be launched at the Farnborough Aerospace Show in july. The new products include RF shielding materials, potting compounds and epoxy adhesives which will compliment the Humiseal range of conformal coating products already offered by SCH in the UK.

As a technical expert in conformal coating materials, it was easy for SCH to expand their range of products to include other specialist materials.

Dr Lee Hitchens, Technical Director for SCH, explained the decision:

“SCH are a technical based company providing solutions to companies rather than a catalog based sales approach. We have built up long term relationships with customers by providing the right conformal coating for their product. MG’s products allow us to offer our customers additional ranges of materials and crucially the technical support needed.”

SCH offer the complete global conformal coating solution providing conformal coating systems & equipment, Humiseal conformal coatings, subcontract conformal coating service for liquids and Parylene XY, turnkey solutions, troubleshooting, consultancy and training.

Read the full article at Nexus on SCH

Nexus Launch a Database for Agents and Distributors who supply conformal coatings

The Conformal Coating Distributor Listing Section brings together Distributors and Agents of Conformal Coating Equipment and Materials all in one easy to use searchable index system.

The listings are sorted as follows:

  1. SELECT THE REGION – Click the button
  2. FIND THE COUNTRY – Sorted Alphabetical
  3. FIND THE PRINCIPAL – Sorted Alphabetical
  4. CLICK ON THE DISTRIBUTOR / AGENT – Will take you to their Distributor Profile

Go to the Distributor Section of the Conformal Coating Database from Nexus.

The Third How to Guide on Brush Application of Conformal Coating is now available from Nexus

Brushing is potentially, the most simple and basic methodology for applying conformal coatings.  Although, relatively basic and uncontrolled, brush application is low-cost to implement, and skilful operators can achieve a reasonably consistent and uniform application, usually avoiding the vast majority of keep-out areas that would otherwise need to be masked.

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The Nexus How To Guides are a range of Technical Bulletins that will be available weekly.

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Two weeks later the Guide will be available for access online here below. There will also be a Printer Friendly version and a PDF version for easy download.

Check out the NEW How to Guide at Nexus

Visit Nexus at the Farnborough Aerospace Show and discuss your Conformal Coating needs

Nexus will be exhibiting with the North West Aerospace Alliance in Hall 1 of the Farnborough International Air Show in July.

Visit the Farnborough Air Show Website for further details or visit Nexusto see what we can do for you.

Have Nexus Benchmark your processes that affect the conformal coating line….

Nexus can assess your full facility and show how it influences the quality of your conformal coating process. The assessment of a customers current conformal coating processes against industry standards wall also aid improvement within the facility.

A typical project would include

  • a site visit to audit the customer’s conformal coating facilities and processes surrounding the conformal coating area.
  • Discussions with staff members regarding the conformal coating processes, understanding their needs for production, the requirements for the product to be protected by the conformal coating and any other issues such as commercial or health & safety restraints
  • Analysis of the conformal coating process findings with recommendations for further improvements delivered in a report for future reference

Talk to Nexus regarding Benchmarking your conformal coating process.