Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: MG Chemicals

MG Chemicals has partnered SCH Technologies and Diamond SCH in their coating service to provide RFI / EMI subcontract Coating Services in Europe and Asia

RFI / EMI shielding of electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a crucial part of the electronics assembly process and the correct application is crucial. Subcontract Coating Service houses therefore play a key role in applying the shielding coatings to the PCBs and it was logical for MG to work with Diamond SCH and SCH Technologies.

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Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Phil Kinner, PVA

Phil Kinner is the European Sales Manager for Precision Valve and Automation (PVA,) the world’s leading conformal coating dispensing solution provider.  Prior to joining PVA, Mr. Kinner worked for the leading conformal coating manufacturer HumiSeal for 12 years, starting as a Development Chemist and lastly serving as the Business Director North America and Asia.  Mr Kinner is therefore well qualified to speak on matters relating to both chemistry and the associated dispensing processes, and has a great familiarity with the global conformal coating business.

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Conformal Coating Webinars from Nexus

Nexus are running a number of conformal coating webinar events over the winter period on all aspects of conformal coating, design, inspection and quality control.

The series of four online training webinars will cover the following topics and last 90 min each:


Conformal Coating Guide to Design, Application and Reliability  –  12th November 2012

Application Methods, Materials for Field Reliability  –  10th December 2012

Inspection and Quality Control of Coated Boards  –  7th January 2013

Rework, Repair and in Process Applications  –  4th February 2013


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Nexus Conformal Coating Workshops and Conferences

Nexus have arranged a program of workshops and conferences over the next twelve months across North America, Asia and Europe for users of conformal coating.

Dr Lee Hitchens and Bob Willis will be running these practical sessions on all aspects of conformal coating, design, inspection and quality control. They will be held in countries such as China, India, Germany and the USA and are open to all.

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Nexus are Exhibiting at the SMART Group European Conference on Packaging, Assembly and Reliability plus Table Top Exhibition

Nexus will have a table top display at the SMART Group European Conference next month on the 18-19th September in Thame, England.
The conference is titled The Big Zero Conference – Design and Build Reliability and if your goal is O% rework, O% field failures SMART Group’s exciting 2 day conference is for you! This year we are concentrating on design, production and reliability of electronic assemblies with particular emphasis on new components and assembly technologies.

Topics include:
Design for manufacture and reliability of high density devices
Design, fabrication and reliability of advanced circuit boards
Solder paste application and alloy selection for high density interconnection
Soldering of high density packages
Cleaning and conformal coating
Component packaging developments
Thermal management
Mitigation techniques for tin whiskers
Reliability and testing regimes
Novel materials, bonding, processing, packaging techniques and technologies
Come and listen to industry experts and take time to work with Nexus on your conformal coating requirements. For further details on the conference click SMART Group European Conference on Packaging, Assembly and Reliability plus Table Top Exhibition


Profile: Mel Popovich, Nexus Founder Member, Conformal Coating Consultant & Parylene Expert

Each Month Nexus will profile an influential person who either works directly in the conformal coating industry or impacts on the area through his work or position.

Mel Popovich, a parylene expert and owner of Diamond MT, a conformal coating subcontract service in North America, discusses why Nexus is a great tool for suppliers and users alike.

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Winter Program of Conformal Coating Webinars Through Nexus

Nexus are to hold a series of webinars on conformal coating topics in the Autumn of 2012.The series of four online conformal coating webinars will cover the following topics and each last 90 min:
Conformal Coating Guide to Design, Application and Reliability 12th November 2012
Application Methods, Materials for Field Reliability 10th December 2012
Inspection and Quality Control of Coated Boards 7th January 2013
Rework, Repair and in Process Applications 4th February 2013

Conformal Coating Guide to Design, Application & Reliability
12th November 2012

Conformal coating may be a new process to many people and its important to have a good grounding in the fundamentals before embarking on the use of coatings. An incorrect choice at the design stage can add significant cost to the product without the desired benefits. Correct selection of components and conformal coating application techniques can significantly reduce cost by reducing or eliminating masking steps. A key step during design is to assess the effective reliability prior to going into full production.
Application Methods, Materials for Field Reliability
Monday 10th December

There are different application methods and conformal coating materials to coat a board assembly. The product type and its application are the key factors in the decision process but do you have the onsite knowledge? You should also look at the onsite or subcontract services options, depending on the product and the requirements, and it may make sense to contract it out for technical reasons. Assessment of the effectiveness of the selected conformal coating is key to long term reliability but how is this assessed and what are the criteria?
Inspection & Quality of Coated Board Assemblies
Monday 7th January

Conformal Coating Inspection standardsexist from a variety of sources and are based mostly on practical experience. There are many cosmetic defects that are reworked in industry which are unlikely to actually impact on product quality. The majority of coated products are inspected manually but with the growing use of coating application in high volume, automatic optical inspection is gaining in popularity.
Rework, Repair & In Process Application
Monday 4th February

Rework of conformal coated boards is a skilled job to obtain the optimum product reliability. Different materials or thicker coating may require different techniques to maintain the same reliability provided by the original coating system. It’s not always possible to use the same coating system in a rework situation so what are the alternatives?Each webinar is £75 plus VAT or you can book the four sessions for £250 plus VAT. If you or your team are unavailable for one of the dates we can make a video recording of the session available for a limited time after the session date so you never miss a session.

If the webinars are of interest then contact us directly to book by clicking here at Conformal coating Webinars or go to our contact page.