Nexus August Newsletter is now available and Features Conformal Coating AOI and Inspection

In the August issue Nexus investigates key conformal coating inspection issues faced today by users and suppliers of conformal coatings, services and equipment. Nexus is also pleased to confirm the participation of Conformal Coating Consultant, Bob Willis, in its online conformal coating webinars series and Global Workshop & Conferences Program which launch soon across Asia, Europe and North America. Also, we are pleased to announce that Nexus will be exhibiting at Nepcon China next month. Finally there is an interview with Nexus Consultant & Parylene Expert Mel Popovich.

FEATURE: Conformal Coating Inspection: What do you see? Inspection is a key area in conformal coating This feature looks at the standards, what they mean and what you see with new automated conformal coating inspection technology today.

FEATURE: Conformal Coating Defects: Definitions and images of common conformal coating failure mechanisms Nexus examines the defects you can find in conformal coating so you can recognise what your problem is!

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Author: nexus3c

A global resource for the Conformal Coating industry providing information, solutions, connections and advice on all areas of Conformal Coating including Conformal Coating Service, Equipment, Materials, Training, Documentation and Consultancy.

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