Ask The Expert: Phil Kinner, PVA, Conformal Coating Robotic Solutions on Key Conformal Coating Inspection Challenges

“Many users are looking to automate their inspection process, in order to increase their quality level.  Systems are available that can integrate a camera and lighting, directly into a selective coating robot, or can be used in a standalone fashion separate machine.”

“There are numerous  challenges involved in automating the inspection process, not least of which is the variation in brightness of fluorescence of the conformal coating materials, both batch-to-batch variations and between different conformal coating materials.  Silicone materials in particular can have very low levels of fluorescence.”

“Other issues relate to the 3D nature of the substrate, light scattering leading to distortion of the images, background fluorescence of metallic solder joints/component leads and tall components or component bodies restricting the field of view, rendering it nearly impossible to inspect beneath or around through hole capacitors and connectors.”

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