Nexus Newsletter to be sent out tomorrow has great new content

Our weekly newsletter will go out tomorrow and its full of lots of exciting materials. As well as a New How To Video Guide we have some great articles being published including:

What are the key fundamental challenges in conformal coating production to help you achieve acceptable production targets?

Part 3 of this series of articles in which this week we examine how process control influences the production line

Setting up the Perfect Coating Facility.

The Launch of a New series of articles looking at what you need to make the various sections of your coating production line world class

Surface Modifiers: Are they a viable solution to conformal coating Processing?

A review of the next generation of Fluorochemical “thin film”polymer coatings that are generally applied a lot thinner than traditional conformal coatings.  These coatings have been around for a long time but they really are making traction in the industry. We look at why this is happening and the pro’s and con’s of these materials versus traditional coatings.

Conformal Coating Troubleshooting: Solving your conformal coating defect issues on the line.

An in-depth series of articles which looks at conformal coating defects that occur in processing and why they happen and how to solve the issues.

So, plenty of great articles and lots of information to help you in your conformal coating process.

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Conformal Coating Materials and How they affect Production

Conformal Coating Bubble defectsNexus has highlighted six critical areas that affect coating production and reduce performance on the line. These are the machines, materials, staff, process control, upstream processes and customer requirements.

In a series of six articles over the next six weeks Nexus will attempt to highlight these six key areas for production and how the production line can be improved to achieve acceptable levels of defects.

This week Dr Lee Hitchens will consider the conformal coating material itself and how it affects the selective conformal coating production process.

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Machines in Conformal Coating and How they affect Production

Conformal Coating Bubble defectsArticle by Dr Lee Hitchens

When I am asked to examine a conformal coating production line, and give my opinion on its effectiveness to produce the right work, I can be confronted with a wide range of setups. This can be from the most basic robotic system that coats a simple pattern and the operator has to control all the variables. Or, it can be a state of the art system with every known option present ultimately attempting to control the machine process. I say attempt because ultimately we are dealing with conformal coating liquids, people and the production environment. These are variables that affect the ability of the machine to do its job effectively and completely dependent on each of these factors.

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This article is one of six of the series, “What are the Key Fundamental Challenges in Conformal Coating Production to help you achieve Acceptable Production Targets?”

Conformal coating production is like any other part of the process. There are key fundamental challenges to be met to ensure targets and acceptable defect rates are set. However, understanding the variables that affect production and how these contribute to poor coating performance is critical to ensuring a high quality, efficient coating process.

Nexus has highlighted six critical areas that affect coating production and reduce performance on the line. These are the machines, materials, staff, process control, upstream processes and customer requirements.

In a series of six articles Nexus will attempt to highlight these six key areas for production and how the production line can be improved to achieve acceptable levels of defects.

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NEW Conformal coating materials launched in India by Trinity Coatings

Trinity Coatings are proud to announce the launch of their range of Conformal coating materials with their distributor SCH Coating Solutions PVT Ltd in India.

SCH, a conformal coating solutions company, has opened new offices in Hyderabad, India, to directly target the Indian market.

Jonathan Jett, CEO of Trinity explains:

“The Asian Electronics market demands high quality conformal coatings at a competitive price.  By offering the Bright Shield Conformal coatings on the Asian market for the first time, we are bridging the gap between quality and price by offering Indian manufactures the best in conformal coating while reducing their spend cost.   With Bright shield coatings, high quality at a competitive price is possible.  Trinity also recognizes the difficulty in stocking in India and purchasing directly from warehousing there in Rupees. SCH and Trinity have committed to have inventory available for customer users when they need it and not have to wait for incoming shipments.”

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NEW How To Conformal Coating Videos from Nexus

Conformal Coated Circuit BoardNexus uniquely are offering instructional  videos on all areas of conformal coating including conformal coating application techniques, process controls, design rules and troubleshooting your coating processes.
We will regularly publishing a series of videos (100 plus) which will cover topics such as:
  • Basic and Advanced Application Techniques for Spraying, dipping and brushing
  • State-of-the-Art Process Control Demonstrations and Guides on all areas including viscosity control, thickness measurement and inspection
  • Advanced Methods of Masking for Conformal Coating including many different examples on masking components such as connectors
  • Design Rules for Conformal Coating including designing PCBs for coating by different process techniques
  • Analysis of IPC Standards and an explanation on the guidelines of inspection
  • Understanding reliability for processing of materials including topics such as the impact of no clean processing and the new generation of conformal coating materials
  • Troubleshooting your Conformal Coating Process – Why problems occur and how to cure them

These videos go in to a great deal of depth to really give the users the visual and audio understanding of the current issues.

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TE Connectivity launch new range of ESD Conformal Coating Masking Boots

Completely masked PCB ready for conformal coatingTE Connectivity, a leading conformal coating masking boot manufacturer, can now boast that they provide the most complete range of standard and custom masking boots with the introduction of their new ESD range.

The ESD Safe Custom boots are constructed of static-safe masking materials and provide more options for engineers when selecting the right product for production.

This has given TE the ultimate range in masking boots and allows them to offer the best solutions to customers when considering conformal coating masking.

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SCH Technologies create SCH India PVT Ltd to directly target the Indian Conformal Coating Market

logo without straplineSCH Technologies, a global conformal coating solutions provider, has set up offices in Hyderabad, India, to target the Indian conformal coating market in the electronics industry.

Dr Lee Hitchens, Technical Director of SCH, explains:

“We have been working in Asia and India specifically for several years now and identified several key areas that help improve business. We have found that customers want to have an easy time buying from us. To do this we are stocking nearly all of our products ex works Hyderabad and you can pay in Rupees, dollars, Euros or Pounds. This way customers can avoid the difficult import duty complications and just get on with the business of purchasing products from us.”

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