Machines in Conformal Coating and How they affect Production

Conformal Coating Bubble defectsArticle by Dr Lee Hitchens

When I am asked to examine a conformal coating production line, and give my opinion on its effectiveness to produce the right work, I can be confronted with a wide range of setups. This can be from the most basic robotic system that coats a simple pattern and the operator has to control all the variables. Or, it can be a state of the art system with every known option present ultimately attempting to control the machine process. I say attempt because ultimately we are dealing with conformal coating liquids, people and the production environment. These are variables that affect the ability of the machine to do its job effectively and completely dependent on each of these factors.

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This article is one of six of the series, “What are the Key Fundamental Challenges in Conformal Coating Production to help you achieve Acceptable Production Targets?”

Conformal coating production is like any other part of the process. There are key fundamental challenges to be met to ensure targets and acceptable defect rates are set. However, understanding the variables that affect production and how these contribute to poor coating performance is critical to ensuring a high quality, efficient coating process.

Nexus has highlighted six critical areas that affect coating production and reduce performance on the line. These are the machines, materials, staff, process control, upstream processes and customer requirements.

In a series of six articles Nexus will attempt to highlight these six key areas for production and how the production line can be improved to achieve acceptable levels of defects.

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