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Conformal Coated Circuit BoardNexus is operated by consultants who act independently of any major conformal coating material and robotic equipment suppliers. Our aim is to support customers in all of their coating needs whether that is through direct support, knowledge transfer, training packages or consultancy.

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Troubleshooting your Conformal Coating Issues on the Production Line: Capillary Flow

Capillary 4 200x150When a problem occurs on the coating line and a circuit board is defective there is generally a good reason for the occurence. This week Nexus takes a look at Capillary Flow.

Capillary flow (or scavenging) in conformal coating processing is where the coating pulls or runs away from certain areas of a PCB to more favourable areas.

This is due to a combination of effects which leave a patchy finish on the surface of the board around the defective area.

There are several options to resolve this issue and prevent this occurring in production.

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Read Part 3 of our Series, “Key fundamental challenges in conformal coating production”, and understand how Staff affect conformal coating production

Selective Coating HR CROP 3How do staff interaction with the production process and affect the results?

When considering staff we are talking about everyone involved in the process. That is operators, technicians, supervisors and process engineers. For staff then there are three key areas. These can be considered as training, operation and troubleshooting.

Nexus takes a look at each of the areas individually.

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Surface Modifiers: Are they a viable solution in conformal coating Processing? 

water dropletsThis week Nexus takes a look at the next generation of Fluorochemical “thin film”polymer coatings that have been entering the conformal coating market in the last few years.

These are coatings that are generally applied a lot thinner than traditional conformal coatings where typical dry film thicknesses are 1-2um.

These coatings have been around for a long time but they really are making traction in the industry.

We look at why this is happening now and the pro’s and con’s of these materials versus traditional coatings.

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Read Part 3 of our Series, “Key fundamental challenges in conformal coating production” on how process control affects the line

Conformal Coated Circuit BoardPart 3 of this series of articles is launched this week where Dr Lee Hitchens examines how process control influences the production line.

Nexus has highlighted six critical areas that affect coating production and reduce performance on the line. These are the machines, materials, staff, process control, upstream processes and customer requirements.

In a series of six articles over the six weeks Nexus will attempt to highlight these six key areas and how the production line can be improved to achieve acceptable levels of defects.

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