The Nexus Story

Coated board Close UpOperating across North America, Europe and Asia, Nexus offers a niche service that focuses on conformal coating and electronics materials processes.

Nexus in a Nutshell

Nexus provides the following specialized services:

  1. Independent Conformal Coating Centre
  2. Technical Information Resource
  3. Electronic Ebook with over 500 pages of information, facts and help
  4. Supplier Database
  5. Signpost Service
  6. Training and Consultancy
  7. User Support

Backed by Experts

The company is composed of conformal coating and electronics material dispensing consultants who bring to the table their years of experience and expertise.

Dr. Lee Hitchens, PhD, is one of the founding members of Nexus having worked in the conformal coating electronics reliability industry for 26 years.

Dr. Hitchens describes Nexus as the bridge that connects users and suppliers who need the guidance and know-how in conformal coating and electronic materials processes.

He also acknowledges the growing demand and potential of the industry. Dr. Hitchens adds that Nexus helps educate users and improve their systems.

Nexus consultants provide a unique perspective in conformal coating and electronic materials, leveraging their expertise in the industry.

Read more at Who is Nexus?

Author: nexus3c

A global resource for the Conformal Coating industry providing information, solutions, connections and advice on all areas of Conformal Coating including Conformal Coating Service, Equipment, Materials, Training, Documentation and Consultancy.

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