Whats the best brush technique for applying conformal coating?

Brush coating cropped really smallBy definition, brush coating is the application of a conformal coating with the use of a brush to “paint” on the coating to the circuit board. However, this is misleading.

The correct technique is to flow the coating. The material should not be brushed on like a paint. The coating should be loaded on to the brush and flowed onto the circuit. The areas covered by the operator are only those that require the coating.

The requirements for brushing conformal coating are basic and low-cost. These items are:

  • A quality brush
  • Containers to store the conformal coating
  • A suitable workstation

Remember that lighting conditions make a huge difference when applying coatings. UV light can also help an operator in completing the task.

At low-volume, the brush coating process can be highly cost-effective.

However, there are key variables that influence the quality of the process which include:

  • Operator skill
  • Viscosity of the coating
  • Complexity and size of the board
  • Conformal coating material type

The speed of the coating process depends on how much area of the board needs to be coating as well as the complexity of the board’s design.

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Who is Nexus?

Nexus brings together the accumulated knowledge of a group of conformal coating and electronics material dispensing consultants who provide a unique service, focused on helping electronics manufacturing clients improve their conformal coating and electronics materials processes.

Nexus operate across North America, Europe and Asia and can provide a unique perspective to the rapidly growing conformal coating and electronics materials industry. Expertise is held in liquid and parylene coating, capital equipment sales and specifications and material, equipment and process specification, troubleshooting and training.

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