Nexus launch a new website for thin film technologies

To keep in line with mobile friendly sites and expand their range of coatings examined, Nexus has launched a new website to replace the current one.

Dr Lee Hitchens from Nexus explains,

No longer do engineers consider automatically using conventional liquid conformal coatings and Parylene in electronics manufacture to protect circuits.

Now, they turn to the material suppliers and say we have a problem. What can you offer us as the conventional materials don’t do the job?

So, alternative coatings are being considered and they are being taken from other industries. This is making it very confusing to the end user.

Nexus is there to bridge the gap in knowledge found with the ever changing range of coatings available to engineers.

Therefore, we had to expand the site to include other coatings to meet this need.

Why Use Nexus?

Nexus are here to help you understand all the different conventional and new thin film coatings available right now that could work well in protecting your product.

Everyone understands that technology industries are changing at a rapid pace.

However, what is less clear is that the requirements for a particular protective coating on a certain product are becoming less defined.

Boundaries are blurring and coatings can be used in a much wider variety of ways to protect the devices in the field.

Nexus can help bridge the gap in knowledge by explaining the different coatings available, how they are being used in new novel applications, and show how these materials could be used to provide protection for your projects.

Who is Nexus?

Nexus is an independent website and service providing technical information on thin film coatings that include conformal coatings, fluoropolymers, metal oxides and other ultra thin coatings, plus encapsulates and potting compounds.

These specialist materials are used to protect high value products such as circuit boards exposed to aggressive elements in the environment.

We also examine the application methods and processes involved in these coating techniques, with both a technical and commercial, practical view point.

Try out our new Website now.

Author: nexus3c

A global resource for the Conformal Coating industry providing information, solutions, connections and advice on all areas of Conformal Coating including Conformal Coating Service, Equipment, Materials, Training, Documentation and Consultancy.

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