Top ten conformal coating defects I find in the production process

Everyone has conformal coating process problems.

No one is immune to this issue.

They may be minor and they may pass the inspection process.

But, I guarantee conformal coating defects occur on every production line in the world at some point.

Dewetting 18 500
All companies have problems with conformal coating production at some point in their process

The conformal coating defects I find regularly on a production line

The top ten defects I see on a regular basis are:

  1. Bubbles
  2. De-wetting
  3. Contamination
  4. Capillary Flow
  5. Orange Peel
  6. Shadowing
  7. Fish Eyes
  8. Delamination
  9. Cracking
  10. Blushing

This list could be extended.

There are many defects defined by the IPC conformal coating standards that occur regularly in the production environment.

But I see these defects more often than the others.

Finally, some of these defects and problems are universal and occur on all production lines. These include bubbles in the conformal coating and capillary flow effects.

Others defect’s only happen due to certain circumstances. These include blushing (that requires moisture in the air) and de-wetting (requiring contamination or a low surface energy on the surface of the board).

Of course, all of the conformal coating  defects are preventable.

Click conformal coating problems to find out more about these defects and how you can stop them occurring in your production process.

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