Five key facts about plasma coating on printed circuit board assemblies

Plasmatreatment of circuits collage

  1. Plasma coating can be used for the application of a Nano-coating material onto a surface of a substrate like a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).
  2. You can change the wetting energy of the PCBA surface to highly hydrophobic (water repellent) by applying a Nano-coating via the plasma.
  3. Plasma technology is based on a simple physical principle. Matter changes its state when energy is supplied to it. Solids become liquid. Liquids become gas. If additional energy is then fed into a gas by means of electrical discharge it eventually ionises and goes into the energy-rich plasma state.
  4. The Nano-coating material is injected into the plasma via a jet nozzle. The plasma excites the coating material and this increases the coating materials reactivity. The plasma coating is then applied to the surface.
  5. Due to the excited nature of the coating in the plasma, the material coverage is optimised and the bonding to the surface is improved.


Need to find out more?

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