Five important facts about acrylic conformal coatings

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The  majority of conformal coatings used in the world are organic coatings.

The acrylic conformal coatings are part of that group.

Here are five reasons to use acrylic conformal coatings:

  1. Acrylic conformal coatings have excellent humidity resistance. This is the number one use for using an acrylic conformal coating.
  2. Solvent based acrylic conformal coatings are one of the easiest materials to apply to printed circuit boards. They are easily applied using every method including spraying, dipping and brushing.
  3. Acrylic solvent-based coatings dry quicker than nearly all other types of coatings. They dry within minutes. This is because the acrylic resin does not polymerise (does not cure) and actually just dries out as the solvent evaporates away. They are also very easy to dry artificially using heat and can reach optimum properties very quickly.
  4. Acrylic coatings are very easy to repair and rework since they have very little chemical resistance. They are easily chemically removed and stripping a complete board is relatively straightforward.
  5. Finally, acrylic coatings have excellent pot life compared to many other types.

Need to find out more?

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