How do I brush coat my conformal coating?

The application of a conformal coating using a brush to “paint” on the material to the circuit board is a common practice all over the world.

Generally, it is done as a final touch up process after the main application method is used.

However, it can also be done in mainstream production.

Conformal coating brushing in an inspection booth_NEXUS1

Applying the conformal coating

The operator according to the requirements of the circuit board applies the conformal coating selectively with the brush.

Areas not be coated are avoided.

The key for success with brushing conformal coating is the technique of application.

The correct method is to flow the coating on. The coating should be loaded on to the brush and flowed onto the circuit.

The material should not be brushed on like paint.

Screenshot of Nexus brush coating
Watch a video on brushing conformal coating.

Need to find out more?

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If you are new to Nexus and our work on conformal coatings then a good place to go is our Start Here page or our free conformal coating eBook.

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