Why use Parylene to protect printed circuit boards?


Parylene is a conformal coating film that is applied using a specialised vapour deposition application process.

This means it is very different to all of the other liquid conformal coatings available on the market.

Three reasons why Parylene is better than traditional liquid conformal coatings

The fact that the Parylene film is deposited onto circuit boards in a vacuum leads to many unique advantages.

Here are three key reasons to use Parylene:

  1. The Parylene coating is completely conformal to the surface of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or product. The coating has a uniform thickness and is pinhole free. Therefore, components with sharp edges, points, flat surfaces, crevices or exposed internal surfaces are coated uniformly without voids.
  2. Parylene coating provides an excellent barrier that exhibits a very low permeability to moisture and gases compared to traditional liquid conformal coatings. This means that circuit boards coated in Parylene generally are more “waterproof” than the same circuits coated in a liquid conformal coating.
  3. Parylene has excellent electrical properties compared to normal conformal coatings. These include low dielectric constant and loss with good high-frequency properties, good dielectric strength, and high bulk and surface resistance.

Need to find out more?

Go directly to our Parylene section in Nexus  or contact us directly and we can help you.

If you are new to Nexus and our work on conformal coatings then a good place to go is our Start Here page or our free conformal coating eBook.

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