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Conformal Coated Circuit BoardNexus is operated by consultants who act independently of any major conformal coating material and robotic equipment suppliers. Our aim is to support customers in all of their coating needs whether that is through direct support, knowledge transfer, training packages or consultancy.

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Nexus3C: Your Independent Resource and Conformal Coating Solution Provider

Whichever service or product you seek, Nexus can help you find it

Nexus3C is the perfect Conformal Coating Consultancy partner, offering complete solutions in an extensive range of Conformal Coating industry areas including:

Nexus Conformal Coating Consultancy

Nexus is the perfect Conformal Coating Consultancy partner, offering complete solutions in an extensive range of Conformal Coating industry areas including benchmarking, troubleshooting and process optimisation.

Conformal coating issues and problems occur regularly in the world of electronics manufacturing. When the problems occur the customer needs fast, practical and commercially sensible solutions to the issues. Nexus offer unparalleled knowledge, failure analysis tools and skills to identify failure mechanisms in the conformal coating process, whether this is a long term field failure or a line process control issue.

Contact Nexus by clicking Conformal Coating Consultancy who offer practical advice and knowledge, and ensure a solution is found.

Profile: Mel Popovich, Nexus Founder Member, Conformal Coating Consultant & Parylene Expert

Each Month Nexus will profile an influential person who either works directly in the conformal coating industry or impacts on the area through his work or position.

Mel Popovich, a parylene expert and owner of Diamond MT, a conformal coating subcontract service in North America, discusses why Nexus is a great tool for suppliers and users alike.

Click to read more about Mel Popovich, Nexus Consultant & Parylene Expert

FREE BRONZE LEVEL CONFORMAL COATING SUPPORT CONTRACTS for visitors to our stand at the Nepcon Shenzhen and Electronica India Exhibitions

Be ready for Conformal Coating process problems NOW. Request Conformal Coating FIRST AID from Nexus

Having an in-house conformal coating expert available to stop problems occurring or when problems occur deal with the issues is very expensive in today’s economic world.

Nexus offer Support Contracts which can include full onsite assessment of the current conformal coating and other influencing processes with full risk analysis plus immediate help when problems do occur in solving the issues

EXCLUSIVELY for the Nepcon Shenzhen and Electronica India Shows

Nexus are offering FREE Bronze level conformal coating support contracts. APPLY at our booth Number 1B83 at the Nepcon Exhibition and sign up for your free conformal coating support package.

Alternatively, complete the form below and ENTER THE CODE FREE SUPPORT CONTRACT ASIA IN THE NOTES SECTION to secure your support contract.

Use Nexus Conformal Coating Buying Service and Use our Expertise to Save Money


The Nexus consultants can provide a partial or full purchasing service for conformal coating equipment, materials or subcontract coating service and achieve the best prices and processes.

Our consultants have many years experience working in the conformal coating market both in the commercial and technical areas so can identify the best technical process, material, subcontract service or equipment at the optimum price for the customer.


Customer A requires a Conformal Coating Material to protect his PCB product in the field.

Nexus can offer the following:

  • Identify the right type of conformal coating material for the product
  • Ensure that the conformal coating material type selected is compatible with the customers current and / or future equipment processes
  • Negotiate with a large selection of conformal coating material suppliers to obtain the best commercial price for the materials based upon technical support, length of contract, volume, global needs etc

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