Conformal Coating Benchmarking – Consultancy from Nexus3C for the Electronics Industry

Conformal Coating Benchmarking is the assessment of a customers current conformal coating processes against industry standards to aid improvement within the facility.

A typical project would include

  • a site visit to audit the customer’s conformal coating facilities and processes surrounding the conformal coating area.
  • Discussions with staff members regarding the conformal coating processes, understanding their needs for production, the requirements for the product to be protected by the conformal coating and any other issues such as commercial or health & safety restraints
  • Analysis of the conformal coating process findings with recommendations for further improvements delivered in a report for future reference

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Ask The Conformal Coating Experts! – Access the FREE service from Nexus3c

Nexus3C offer an Ask the Experts FREE Service for conformal coating clients who require help with their coating processes, equipment, materials or any other issues.

Our professional consultants will answer with complete confidentiality.

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Conformal Coating Equipment, Materials and Process Selection – Consultancy from Nexus3C for the Electronics Industry

Nexus3C offers invaluable advice, practical experience and knowledge to assist in the selection of a conformal coating process, conformal coating material or item of conformal coating equipment.

Nexus3C Consultants have intimate knowledge of available conformal coatings and conformal coating equipment in the market place and work with suppliers on a regular basis. They are also aware of the current standards, legislation, and best practices and have in-depth experience in recommending processes that work immediately and without compromise.

This allows Nexus3C to recommend the optimum practical and commercially suitable process for the customer, without compromise to results.

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Global Buying Service for Conformal Coating Materials – Get the best price for the right conformal Coating!

Nexus3C have launched a Global Precurement Service for clients who want to find the right conformal coating material at the right price and terms. Nexus can help identify the right conformal coating material if needed, and then negotiate on behalf of the customer to acheive the right discount and pricing structure with many leading conformal coating suppliers without costing the company any money.

Our consultants have years of technical and commercial experience in conformal coating equipment, materials, subcontract services and processing so can identify the right product or process to suit your budget and meet your processes needs.

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Nexus3C offer Conformal Coating Consultancy Support Contracts

Having an in-house conformal coating expert available for problems that occur infrequently is very expensive in today’s economic world.

Nexus can offer conformal coating ongoing support contracts to all companies including electronics manufacturers using conformal coatings and conformal coating equipment, as well as materials suppliers who need help to support their sales force.

Conformal Coating Support Contracts offered by Nexus include a FREE Consultation support contract:


  • Reasonable mail support for a company including communication with the customers staff, their customers and suppliers.
  • Free entry to technical database
  • Free Technical Bulletins and Newsletters

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Nexus3C Conformal Coating Consultancy

Nexus3C is the perfect Conformal Coating Consultancy partner, offering complete solutions in an extensive range of Conformal Coating industry areas including:
Benchmarking Support Contracts Troubleshooting
New Product Line Selection Optimisation Training
Nexus3C consultancy can tailor solutions to customers needs as required. Contact Nexus to discuss your conformal coating projects and receive expert advice and support.

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