Our five most popular areas in the Nexus conformal coating eBook

People come to the Nexus eBook for several reasons.

Looking at our visitor statistics most people go to the following five sections:

  1. Designing for conformal coating
  2. Troubleshooting your conformal coating process
  3. The basics of conformal coating
  4. Conformal coating removal
  5. How to select a conformal coating material

Click on each to find out more about the five most popular conformal coating areas.

Using the Conformal Coating Materials Selection Guide From Nexus

The Conformal Coating Selection Guide is now ready for users to compare their conformal coating material requirements.

Users will be able to specify their technical requirements for a conformal coating material and the location where the coating is to be used and the Nexus Selection Guide will provide different materials FROM DIFFERENT CONFORMAL COATING COMPANIES from around the world. This allows customers to compare technical specifications and supplier information from one portal providing INDEPENDENT power to the customer.

To use the system follow these simple instructions:

  • Log onĀ  / sign up for Nexus
  • Indicate the Country or Region you would like to buy the coating in (some materials are not available globally)
  • Type in your technical specifications
  • Choose from the selection of conformal coatings FROM DIFFERENT MATERIAL MANUFACTURERS
  • Request further information from the Manufacturers or distributors


Even better you can request FREE help on selection and also use Nexus’s buying Service to negotiate to buy the coatings at a discounted price.

Leading conformal coating material manufacturers like Humiseal have joined the Nexus Conformal Coating Material Selection Guide Service.

Select your conformal coating material from multiple suppliers and find your contact for that material in your region of the world.

Contact Nexus to use the Conformal Coating Selection Guide