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Elder masking tapes give a clear advantage in conformal coating

Elder conformal coating masking tapes and dotsThe need to see the area being masked to ensure complete coverage and adhesion is paramount in ensuring that your conformal coating is masked correctly and does not creep under the masking tape. ET501G is not only the only commercially available ‘Silicone Free’ tape but is translucent allowing a clear view of what is masked and its full adhesion.

Elder supply ET501G as slit rolls or Dots and are able to convert to your required size’s in order to suit your every masking requirement.

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A NEW family of high-performance fluorochemistries customized to meet the toughest challenges from Thin Film Partners

thinfilmpartners-logo low resThin Film Partners LLC have launched a complete range of high-performance fluorochemistries designed for glass and plastic.

Ultra-thin OPX features superior protection is ideal for display screens on cell phones and tablets. The fluoropolymer keeps your display free of smudges and fingerprints.

Even better, it offers unequaled protection from the wear and tear of every day use.

Chemically bonded to the surface, OPX forms a clear, scratch resistant barrier that can withstand the worst abrasion, even thousands of rubs with steel wool.

Find out more here about Thin film Partners 

NEW Conformal coating materials launched in India by Trinity Coatings

Trinity Coatings are proud to announce the launch of their range of Conformal coating materials with their distributor SCH Coating Solutions PVT Ltd in India.

SCH, a conformal coating solutions company, has opened new offices in Hyderabad, India, to directly target the Indian market.

Jonathan Jett, CEO of Trinity explains:

“The Asian Electronics market demands high quality conformal coatings at a competitive price.  By offering the Bright Shield Conformal coatings on the Asian market for the first time, we are bridging the gap between quality and price by offering Indian manufactures the best in conformal coating while reducing their spend cost.   With Bright shield coatings, high quality at a competitive price is possible.  Trinity also recognizes the difficulty in stocking in India and purchasing directly from warehousing there in Rupees. SCH and Trinity have committed to have inventory available for customer users when they need it and not have to wait for incoming shipments.”

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TE Connectivity launch new range of ESD Conformal Coating Masking Boots

Completely masked PCB ready for conformal coatingTE Connectivity, a leading conformal coating masking boot manufacturer, can now boast that they provide the most complete range of standard and custom masking boots with the introduction of their new ESD range.

The ESD Safe Custom boots are constructed of static-safe masking materials and provide more options for engineers when selecting the right product for production.

This has given TE the ultimate range in masking boots and allows them to offer the best solutions to customers when considering conformal coating masking.

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SCH Technologies create SCH India PVT Ltd to directly target the Indian Conformal Coating Market

logo without straplineSCH Technologies, a global conformal coating solutions provider, has set up offices in Hyderabad, India, to target the Indian conformal coating market in the electronics industry.

Dr Lee Hitchens, Technical Director of SCH, explains:

“We have been working in Asia and India specifically for several years now and identified several key areas that help improve business. We have found that customers want to have an easy time buying from us. To do this we are stocking nearly all of our products ex works Hyderabad and you can pay in Rupees, dollars, Euros or Pounds. This way customers can avoid the difficult import duty complications and just get on with the business of purchasing products from us.”

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Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: GOEPEL electronic

GOEPEL electronic has been developing Automated Inspection Systems for conformal coating, individually configured for special applications.

GOEPEL electronic offers a system for the automated optical inspection of fluorescing conformal coating. The TOM system (Teachable Optical Measurement) can be utilised for inspection of PCB coatings as well as PCB areas, which mustn’t be coated.The maximum PCB size is 460 X 400 mm.

Click Goepel Conformal Coating Inspection Systems to read the full article.

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