Find out more about companies providing conformal coating equipment, materials and services with Nexus

Suppliers Section

Nexus provide a Suppliers Section for users of the site.

These are companies who provide materials, equipment or services for the thin film technologies markets.

We provide details on their products and services as well as their contact information in an easily searchable section of our website.

These sections include:

  • Supplier Directories
  • Supplier Profiles
  • Spotlight Services

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Supplier Directories

The directories section of Nexus that provides supplier lists by country and product.

They include directories for:

  • Independent coating services
  • Coating materials
  • Masking materials
  • Coating equipment
  • Cleaning materials
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Training and consultancy

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Supplier Profile

An individual page on a coating company providing some details on what services and products they provide.

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Spotlight Services

The service highlights new products coming to market that relate to thin film technologies.

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Elder launch a new range of conformal coating masking tapes

Elder conformal coating masking tapes and dotsElder Tapes and Rubber, a division of Elder Engineering (Herts) Ltd, now offer a new range of electronic and conformal coating masking tapes and dots.

Our popular electronic and conformal coating masking materials can be stocked as master logs and then slit to your required width; from 3mm to the full master width.

Our materials are also available in dots and other shapes of standard sizes or custom sizes.


Our product range includes:

  • ET400 – High Temperature Paper tape + rubber adhesive – Silicone Free
  • ET501G – Polyester Tape + rubber adhesive – Silicone free
  • ET600 – Polyimide tape + silicone adhesive – for general and high temperature applications.

Find out more about Elders NEW conformal coating tapes here.



Nexus Launch a Database for Agents and Distributors who supply conformal coatings

The Conformal Coating Distributor Listing Section brings together Distributors and Agents of Conformal Coating Equipment and Materials all in one easy to use searchable index system.

The listings are sorted as follows:

  1. SELECT THE REGION – Click the button
  2. FIND THE COUNTRY – Sorted Alphabetical
  3. FIND THE PRINCIPAL – Sorted Alphabetical
  4. CLICK ON THE DISTRIBUTOR / AGENT – Will take you to their Distributor Profile

Go to the Distributor Section of the Conformal Coating Database from Nexus.

Find the Distributor for Conformal Coating Suppliers in your region with Nexus

Nexus have introduced a section to allow distributors to be linked to the conformal coating material and equipment suppliers. This allows the user to find the local representative for a material quickly and easily all within the same resource.

This is also linked through the Material Selection Guide so once you have decided which conformal coating materials you want further information from you can contact the distributor if they have signed up for the service.

This Service goes live on Monday 18th June.

For further information go to Nexus and look at THE INDEPENDENT  conformal Coating Resource.


Find all your dispensing needs on Nexus through the Supplier Database

Looking for dispensing equipment to dispense conformal coatings, adhesives, potting compounds or other materials.

Then check out the Supplier Database at Nexus

Need a Conformal Coating Dip System…. No problem, Use the Nexus Supplier Database to identify the right supplier for you

The Conformal Coating Database provides a Supplier Profile Section which brings together Manufacturers of Conformal Coating Equipment and Materials, Conformal Coating Service Providers, Distributors, Training Suppliers and Consultants all in one easy to use searchable index system.

Identify the right supplier for your conformal coating dipping equipment and contact them today. Or use our Request A Quote Service which automatically requests quotations for equipment like dip systems from the right suppliers.

Use the Equipment Section of Nexus Supplier Profile Database or Use the Request a Quote Section for Dip Coating machines.

Access the Comparison Tables for Suppliers of Conformal coating equipment, materials and Coating service at Nexus

Want to find a conformal coating company who sells selective robots? No problem…..Access the comparison Tables at Nexus. Looking for coating service companies in your country. Again, easy with the Tables from Nexus. Whether its conformal coating equipment, materials or coating service Nexus3c can show you where to find them.

Found the companies you want but now need quotes? Even easier. Request a Quote from all of the companies at once with one easy form and sit back and let the suppliers do the work for you!

Click here for the Conformal Coating Comparison Tables

Click here for the Request a Quote Service

Less than 24 hours before Nexus3C launch the NEW Conformal Coating Supplier Database

The Conformal Coating Supplier Database from Nexus3C is launching tomorrow, Friday, June 1st 2012.

The Conformal Coating Supplier Database brings together manufacturers of conformal coating equipment and materials, conformal coating service providers, distributors, training suppliers and consultants all in one easy to use searchable index system.

All of the data provided is provided by the suppliers themselves in a constrained format to allow users to find information quickly and efficiently.

Click for Conformal Coating Supplier Database

Inline and Batch Dip Coating System Suppliers Available on the Nexus Supplier Database

Joining the Nexus supplier Database gives you access to comparison tables of the conformal coating dip coating machines and systems globally available. Systems include batch and inline dip machines, vertical and horizontal dip coating, viscosity and temperature controlled systems with options to have built in UV, infrared and convection curing as part of the process.

Click for Access to the Nexus Supplier Database.

UV Cure Equipment for Conformal Coatings and other Electronics Materials compared at Nexus

Joining the Nexus supplier Database gives you access to comparison tables of the conformal coating UV Cure Systems globally available. Systems include Microwave and arc lamp technologies, inline and bench top conveyors and Static  Flood Lamp Systems.

Click for Access to the Nexus Supplier Database.