Why use plasma cleaning for cleaning circuit boards?

NEXUS 1Normally, conformal coatings must exhibit good adhesion to the PCB in order to be effective in the long term in protecting the circuit.

Therefore, the surface properties of the circuit board can be critical to the success of the coating adhesion.

Cleaning of circuit boards before conformal coating has taken place for many years.

The reasons for doing this have always remained the same:

  • Improve the surface cleanliness of the circuit to protect against corrosion and the effects of contamination on the surface from the process.
  • Improve the surface energy of the surface to improve the adhesion of conformal coating.

Traditionally, cleaning and adhesion promotion has been achieved by either using a wet chemistry treatment like washing or applying extra undercoats (priming).

Now, there are new methods and techniques appearing on the market for improving cleaning, adhesion and actually coating circuit boards differently to the traditional methods.

One of these techniques is plasma treatment.

Why use Plasma to clean circuit boards?

Here are a few key reasons to use plasma cleaning and surface treatment of printed circuit boards:

  • Plasma cleaning can clean surfaces of a product 100% to improve adhesion and surface energy of the product.
  • Many wet chemistry cleaning processes can be eliminated. Methods using cleaning chemistries, water processing and drying energy are unnecessary.
  • Activate the surface of the circuit by changing the surface energy. This allows easier bonding and better adhesion to the surface. The significant improvement in adhesion enables the use of alternative coatings that may have difficulty adhering to surfaces without the treatment.
  • The plasma process is a simple, safe and environmentally friendly technology.
  • The plasma process has both batch (offline) and inline capability.

This means the plasma process can be highly effective on printed circuit boards.

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