Nexus Used Equipment: Reconditioned WS100 Wet Stripping System for Conformal Coating Removal from Printed Circuit Boards

SCH Technologies have a used WS101 Wet Stripping System for removal of conformal coating from printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Multiple tanks with or without pumping system. Hardly used so in fantastic condition.

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Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Gordon Watson, ACR (Advanced Coating Robotics Ltd)

Gordon is the Managing Director of Advanced Coating Robotics Ltd (ACR) and SMS Automation Ltd and has over 30 years’ experience of Control Engineering including machine automation and process control across a wide range of industries.  He has worked as an engineer, sales manager and business owner and has applied his expertise into generating complex inline dip coating systems for conformal coating of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the design and implementation of the machines and understanding customer’s needs.

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Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: GOEPEL electronic

GOEPEL electronic has been developing Automated Inspection Systems for conformal coating, individually configured for special applications.

GOEPEL electronic offers a system for the automated optical inspection of fluorescing conformal coating. The TOM system (Teachable Optical Measurement) can be utilised for inspection of PCB coatings as well as PCB areas, which mustn’t be coated.The maximum PCB size is 460 X 400 mm.

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