Nexus Webinars: Conformal Coating Guide to Design, Application and Reliability

Nexus are to hold a series of webinars on conformal coating topics in the Autumn of 2012.The series of four online conformal coating webinars will cover the following topics and each last 90 min. The first of the online training webinars will be:

Conformal Coating Guide to Design, Application & Reliability
12th November 2012

Conformal coating may be a new process to many people and its important to have a good grounding in the fundamentals before embarking on the use of coatings. An incorrect choice at the design stage can add significant cost to the product without the desired benefits. Correct selection of components and application techniques can significantly reduce cost by reducing or eliminating masking steps. A key step during design is to assess the effective reliability prior to going into full production.

Topics will include:

Why conformal coating is necessary
Types of material and their benefits
Design engineers check list
Coating application methods
Testing product reliability

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