Practical conformal coating masking videos from Nexus

Nexus have collated a range of masking videos covering different materials including masking tapes, dots, liquid latex and masking boots.

Techniques for masking circuit boards with components, connectors, test points, mounting holes and via’s have been developed by many different companies with years of experience.

This knowledge has been put together to help others new to the art of conformal coating masking.

Categories for masking include tape, dots, latex and masking boots.

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TE Connectivity launch new range of ESD Conformal Coating Masking Boots

Completely masked PCB ready for conformal coatingTE Connectivity, a leading conformal coating masking boot manufacturer, can now boast that they provide the most complete range of standard and custom masking boots with the introduction of their new ESD range.

The ESD Safe Custom boots are constructed of static-safe masking materials and provide more options for engineers when selecting the right product for production.

This has given TE the ultimate range in masking boots and allows them to offer the best solutions to customers when considering conformal coating masking.

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