Nexus Newsletter Feature: Conformal coating Defects – Why Do They Occur?


In conformal coating there are many common failure mechanisms in conformal coating including capillary flow (scavenging), delamination (loss of adhesion), cracking, de-wetting, orange peel, pin holes, bubbles and foam. This article briefly looks at reasons each of the defects occur in processing with potential solutions to avoid them in the future.

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Ask The Expert: Dave Prouse, Diamond SCH on Key Conformal Coating Inspection Challenges

Industry Experts, Suppliers, Coating Service Houses and Users were asked about their key conformal coating inspection challenges and Nexus has listed their responses below:

Dave Prouse, Diamond SCH, Automated Conformal Coating Inspection Systems

“We find the customer wants to initially see everything. When we show them they realise generally how poor most automated processes like robots are at meeing IPC standards. We show them bubbles in the wrong places which an operator cannot see with no magnification and they then don’t know what to do. Its like they have opened Pandora’s box.”

“We then have to work with them to adjust their coating process and improve their production before we can effectively use automated conformal coating inspection at the end of the line.”