Ask The Expert: Dave Prouse, Diamond SCH, Conformal Coating Equipment on Key Conformal Coating Material Challenges

“One of the biggest challenges is talking to a customer and finding that a conformal coating material and a conformal coating system has already been specified and the two are not easily compatible.”
“Linking the two in the design stages is critical in stopping the cost of the project multiplying by 2-3 times and causing untold misery and difficulties downstream.”

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Ask The Expert: Mark Rager, Diamond MT, Subcontract Conformal Coating Service house on Key Conformal Coating Material Challenges

“It’s well known in the electronics industry that cleanliness of a Printed Wiring Board (PWB) is crucial to the assembly’s performance and reliability. What many don’t realise is that the cleanliness of the board is also paramount in adhesion of the conformal coating that may be applied to the board later in the process.”

“Almost all coating material suppliers recommend that you clean and dry the boards prior to coating. However, too often cost is a factor when determining if cleaning is needed. What many do not take into consideration is the affects this has on coating.”
“From a conformal coating house’s perspective this is a very real concern due in part to the compatibility issues that often come about when the coating to which the customer has selected does not adhere to the mold release agents, fluxes, oils, rosins (to name a few) that have been left behind in the manufacturing process. This makes the coating house look bad.”

“Further, its known that contamination of circuit boards can bring about severe degradation of insulation resistance and dielectric strength, which is counterproductive to what some of the characteristics/reasons that conformal coating is used for. You would not want to paint your car without preparing the surface? So then why would one want to do this to such critical/sensitive electronics which are being manufactured?”

“In general, the minimal added cost added for cleaning far outweighs the time and money (when added up) associated with the rework/touchup caused by dewetting issues, missed deliveries and aesthetically unpleasing conformal coating caused by touchup to areas that have dewetting caused in part to contamination on the board. Cleanliness of completed circuit boards is, therefore, of vital interest.”

Visit the Nexus Associate Experts Section and read what other experts have to say about conformal coating material challenges.

Diamond SCH, the Global Conformal Coating Solution Provider, will be exhibiting at Electronica India this year.

Diamond SCH will offer liquid, parylene and RFI / EMI shielding subcontract coating services, distribution of electronics process materials such as MG Chemicals RF shielding coatings, sales of conformal coating equipment including automated inspection and batch application systems and training & consultancy through the Nexus franchise to the  Asian markets

Recently, Diamond SCH officially launched a New Subcontract Conformal Coating Service in Shenzhen China in August at the Nepcon Shenzhen Show. As part of this Asian expansion Diamond SCH are also looking to expand into India.

Sean Horn, Vice President of Diamond MT, Parylene and Liquid Conformal coating Supplier in the USA, considered the original decision to form the joint company, Diamond SCH with SCH Technologies, a UK conformal coating solutions provider.

“When we considered that both Diamond MT and SCH Technologies are experts in coating services in North America and Europe it made complete sense to have a joint venture of some description. The staff and management from both companies had a similar attitude towards helping customers and producing the best results so we can now offer a global service to customers wherever they are whether it is contract services, equipment solutions, material distribution or technical support.”

Contact Diamond SCH, Global Conformal Coating Solution Provider through the website or visit the Stand at the Electronica Show number 3507 and discuss your conformal coating requirements.