NEW conformal coating Process Control section for eBook


Nexus are preparing a new section for its eBook on conformal coating Process Control.

We are aiming to publish this in September 2016.

The section will cover all aspects of the topic including all of the key process control variables that affect production including the equipment, materials and people involved.

viscometer image 500.jpeg
The Nexus eBook section on Process Control of conformal coatings will examine many of the areas that give you the key to the perfect production line.

Since Nexus is peer reviewed and we want the content to be relevant we are asking if anyone would like to add input into the section?

Help could be given in the form of guidance on topics and technical input and expertise on a particular area.

Let us know if this is of interest and get in touch with me directly by email or mobile +44 7862 253321.

I can show you what we are planning and perhaps you can guide us in the final format.

Contact Nexus now and let us show you how we can help you.

Dr Lee Hitchens, Author of Nexus website and ebook

Dr Lee Hitchens is the Author of the Nexus eBook and a main contributor to Nexus.


Nexus Conformal Coating Newsletter in September

The next Nexus Newsletter will be published in the middle of September. Covered within the issue will be articles including:

Main Feature – Subcontract Conformal Coating Services – A necessary evil or the ideal solution.

Technical Article – So you are considering outsourcing – What does that really cost?

Ask the Experts – Users and suppliers of subcontract service explain their viewpoint on challenges found in contract coating.

Got a Viewpoint on Conformal Coating Service to add to the Newsletter?

Contact Nexus and be part of the solution.