How to avoid de-wetting of conformal coating

De-wetting is the where the conformal coating material refuses to wet the surface of the circuit board that it has been applied to in an even way. The coating ends up being patchy.

The de-wetting effect tends to act locally due to local contamination.But, it can be a global affect right across the board.


De-wetting of the conformal coating can be localised or all over the circuit board.

There are many causes of De-wetting in Conformal Coating.

These include contaminants such as residues and oils, and processes such as soldering and cleaning.

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Troubleshooting: Fisheyes

fisheye defects found on a conformal coated circuit boardFisheyes is a localized de-wetting defect that looks like craters on the surface of the conformal coating.

These are normally caused by a contaminant that was present on the surface before the conformal coating application.

Cleaning the surface of the circuit board is crucial in preventing the fisheye defect.

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