Ask The Expert: Dave Prouse, Diamond SCH on Key Conformal Coating Inspection Challenges

Industry Experts, Suppliers, Coating Service Houses and Users were asked about their key conformal coating inspection challenges and Nexus has listed their responses below:

Dave Prouse, Diamond SCH, Automated Conformal Coating Inspection Systems

“We find the customer wants to initially see everything. When we show them they realise generally how poor most automated processes like robots are at meeing IPC standards. We show them bubbles in the wrong places which an operator cannot see with no magnification and they then don’t know what to do. Its like they have opened Pandora’s box.”

“We then have to work with them to adjust their coating process and improve their production before we can effectively use automated conformal coating inspection at the end of the line.”

Diamond SCH, the Global Conformal Coating Solution Provider, will be exhibiting at Electronica India this year.

Diamond SCH will offer liquid, parylene and RFI / EMI shielding subcontract coating services, distribution of electronics process materials such as MG Chemicals RF shielding coatings, sales of conformal coating equipment including automated inspection and batch application systems and training & consultancy through the Nexus franchise to the  Asian markets

Recently, Diamond SCH officially launched a New Subcontract Conformal Coating Service in Shenzhen China in August at the Nepcon Shenzhen Show. As part of this Asian expansion Diamond SCH are also looking to expand into India.

Sean Horn, Vice President of Diamond MT, Parylene and Liquid Conformal coating Supplier in the USA, considered the original decision to form the joint company, Diamond SCH with SCH Technologies, a UK conformal coating solutions provider.

“When we considered that both Diamond MT and SCH Technologies are experts in coating services in North America and Europe it made complete sense to have a joint venture of some description. The staff and management from both companies had a similar attitude towards helping customers and producing the best results so we can now offer a global service to customers wherever they are whether it is contract services, equipment solutions, material distribution or technical support.”

Contact Diamond SCH, Global Conformal Coating Solution Provider through the website or visit the Stand at the Electronica Show number 3507 and discuss your conformal coating requirements.

Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Mel Popovich, Diamond MT and Nexus

Mel Popovich has been working in both liquid and parylene conformal coating for 12 Years. As joint owner of Diamond MT, Inc. in Johnstown, Pennyslvania, Diamond MT offers all forms of subcontract conformal coating services including dipping, spraying, selective robotic application and parylene. Mel has recently begun a joint venture with SCH Technologies to set up global coating services. The first new site is in Shenzhen China called Diamond SCH. Mel is also a founder member of Nexus.

The Experts for Conformal Coating come from a range of backgrounds and areas allowing a wide scope for knowledge transfer.

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Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: Diamond SCH

Diamond SCH officially launch their New Subcontract Conformal Coating Service in Shenzhen China in August at the Nepcon Shenzhen Show

Diamond SCH will offer liquid, parylene and RFI / EMI shielding subcontract coating services to the China and Asian markets and the new facility will include equipment such as spray booths, a selective robot, dip coating and parylene vapour deposition systems.

Click Diamond SCH China Subcontract Conformal Coating Service to read the full article

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