Nexus Conformal Coating Newsletter in September

The next Nexus Newsletter will be published in the middle of September. Covered within the issue will be articles including:

Main Feature – Subcontract Conformal Coating Services – A necessary evil or the ideal solution.

Technical Article – So you are considering outsourcing – What does that really cost?

Ask the Experts – Users and suppliers of subcontract service explain their viewpoint on challenges found in contract coating.

Got a Viewpoint on Conformal Coating Service to add to the Newsletter?

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Use Nexus Conformal Coating Buying Service and Use our Expertise to Save Money


The Nexus consultants can provide a partial or full purchasing service for conformal coating equipment, materials or subcontract coating service and achieve the best prices and processes.

Our consultants have many years experience working in the conformal coating market both in the commercial and technical areas so can identify the best technical process, material, subcontract service or equipment at the optimum price for the customer.


Customer A requires a Conformal Coating Material to protect his PCB product in the field.

Nexus can offer the following:

  • Identify the right type of conformal coating material for the product
  • Ensure that the conformal coating material type selected is compatible with the customers current and / or future equipment processes
  • Negotiate with a large selection of conformal coating material suppliers to obtain the best commercial price for the materials based upon technical support, length of contract, volume, global needs etc

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