Ask The Expert: Dr Joerg Schambach, Goepel, Conformal Coating Inspection Systems on Key Conformal Coating Inspection Challenges

“How can conformal coatings effectively and cost-efficiently be checked?”

“Applying conformal coating is the last step within the PCB production cycle. Similar to the previous production stages, quality assurance measures must be executed. After coating the assembly, proper wetting is mostly visibly checked by manual means. Because manual optical inspection has proven inappropriate for high PCB output, so called automated optical conformal coating inspection systems have been developed. They enable automatic testing of the correct wetting within the production line cycle.”

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Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: GOEPEL electronic

GOEPEL electronic has been developing Automated Inspection Systems for conformal coating, individually configured for special applications.

GOEPEL electronic offers a system for the automated optical inspection of fluorescing conformal coating. The TOM system (Teachable Optical Measurement) can be utilised for inspection of PCB coatings as well as PCB areas, which mustn’t be coated.The maximum PCB size is 460 X 400 mm.

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Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Dr Joerg Schambach, Goepel

Dr Joerg Schambach is Team Manager for GOEPEL electronic’s business unit Industrial Vision Solutions, responsible for the development and manufacturing of optical inspection systems for surface  inspection, LED checking, display control and much more. Dr Schambach brings lots of experience from hundreds of projects, many of them customised solutions and is therefore well qualified to speak on matters relating to automated conformal coating inspection systems as well as many special issues on optical inspection of PCBs and neighbouring topics.

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