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Nexus provide a Suppliers Section for users of the site.

These are companies who provide materials, equipment or services for the thin film technologies markets.

We provide details on their products and services as well as their contact information in an easily searchable section of our website.

These sections include:

  • Supplier Directories
  • Supplier Profiles
  • Spotlight Services

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Supplier Directories

The directories section of Nexus that provides supplier lists by country and product.

They include directories for:

  • Independent coating services
  • Coating materials
  • Masking materials
  • Coating equipment
  • Cleaning materials
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Training and consultancy

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Supplier Profile

An individual page on a coating company providing some details on what services and products they provide.

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Spotlight Services

The service highlights new products coming to market that relate to thin film technologies.

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What are the different classifications of conformal coatings?

The family tree of common conformal coatings normally found include organic and inorganic liquid coatings and Parylene.

The evolution of the conformal coating over the last 50 years has led to a large range of conformal coatings with many different variations.

The family tree below shows the common materials normally found including organic and inorganic liquid coatings and Parylene.

family of coatings

The coatings can be further sub divided:

  • Liquid and Vapour Deposition Groups
  • Liquid Conformal Coatings Families
  • Liquid Conformal Coating Resin Types
  • Drying and Curing Subdivision
  • One / Two-Part Coating
  • Solvent / Solvent Free
  • Physical and electrical properties

To find out more click Classification of Conformal Coatings: An Introduction

Who is Nexus?

Nexus brings together the accumulated knowledge of a group of conformal coating and electronics material dispensing consultants who provide a unique service, focussed on helping electronics manufacturing clients improve their conformal coating and electronics materials processes.

Nexus operate across North America, Europe and Asia and can provide a unique perspective to the rapidly growing conformal coating and electronics materials industry. Expertise is held in liquid and parylene coating, capital equipment sales and specifications and material, equipment and process specification, troubleshooting and training.

Find out more at Nexus3C: Conformal Coating Centre

Conformal Coating Materials and How they affect Production

Conformal Coating Bubble defectsNexus has highlighted six critical areas that affect coating production and reduce performance on the line. These are the machines, materials, staff, process control, upstream processes and customer requirements.

In a series of six articles over the next six weeks Nexus will attempt to highlight these six key areas for production and how the production line can be improved to achieve acceptable levels of defects.

This week Dr Lee Hitchens will consider the conformal coating material itself and how it affects the selective conformal coating production process.

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NEW Conformal coating materials launched in India by Trinity Coatings

Trinity Coatings are proud to announce the launch of their range of Conformal coating materials with their distributor SCH Coating Solutions PVT Ltd in India.

SCH, a conformal coating solutions company, has opened new offices in Hyderabad, India, to directly target the Indian market.

Jonathan Jett, CEO of Trinity explains:

“The Asian Electronics market demands high quality conformal coatings at a competitive price.  By offering the Bright Shield Conformal coatings on the Asian market for the first time, we are bridging the gap between quality and price by offering Indian manufactures the best in conformal coating while reducing their spend cost.   With Bright shield coatings, high quality at a competitive price is possible.  Trinity also recognizes the difficulty in stocking in India and purchasing directly from warehousing there in Rupees. SCH and Trinity have committed to have inventory available for customer users when they need it and not have to wait for incoming shipments.”

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SCH Technologies create SCH India PVT Ltd to directly target the Indian Conformal Coating Market

logo without straplineSCH Technologies, a global conformal coating solutions provider, has set up offices in Hyderabad, India, to target the Indian conformal coating market in the electronics industry.

Dr Lee Hitchens, Technical Director of SCH, explains:

“We have been working in Asia and India specifically for several years now and identified several key areas that help improve business. We have found that customers want to have an easy time buying from us. To do this we are stocking nearly all of our products ex works Hyderabad and you can pay in Rupees, dollars, Euros or Pounds. This way customers can avoid the difficult import duty complications and just get on with the business of purchasing products from us.”

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Ask The Expert: Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus on Key Conformal Coating Inspection Challenges

“Considering the Key Inspection Challenges faced by users, then continuity of what people actually require in terms of quality of finish is the biggest problem for conformal coating inspection. Using the standards available are fine but many companies don’t really read them and actually don’t understand them fundamentally.”
“For instance, is it really okay to have debris on the surface of a conformal coated PCB? The IPC IPC-A610 Acceptance Standard states it is okay as long as the, “Foreign material does not violate minimum electrical clearance between components, lands or conductive surfaces”. I guess that most would not consider this okay cosmetically even if technically and electrically this is fine. This discrepancy in understanding is key to inspection”

Visit the Nexus Associate Experts Section and read what other experts have to say about conformal coating inspection.

Diamond SCH, the Global Conformal Coating Solution Provider, will be exhibiting at Electronica India this year.

Diamond SCH will offer liquid, parylene and RFI / EMI shielding subcontract coating services, distribution of electronics process materials such as MG Chemicals RF shielding coatings, sales of conformal coating equipment including automated inspection and batch application systems and training & consultancy through the Nexus franchise to the  Asian markets

Recently, Diamond SCH officially launched a New Subcontract Conformal Coating Service in Shenzhen China in August at the Nepcon Shenzhen Show. As part of this Asian expansion Diamond SCH are also looking to expand into India.

Sean Horn, Vice President of Diamond MT, Parylene and Liquid Conformal coating Supplier in the USA, considered the original decision to form the joint company, Diamond SCH with SCH Technologies, a UK conformal coating solutions provider.

“When we considered that both Diamond MT and SCH Technologies are experts in coating services in North America and Europe it made complete sense to have a joint venture of some description. The staff and management from both companies had a similar attitude towards helping customers and producing the best results so we can now offer a global service to customers wherever they are whether it is contract services, equipment solutions, material distribution or technical support.”

Contact Diamond SCH, Global Conformal Coating Solution Provider through the website or visit the Stand at the Electronica Show number 3507 and discuss your conformal coating requirements.

Nexus Series of Webinars: Conformal Coating Application Methods, Materials for Field Reliability

Nexus are to hold a series of webinars on conformal coating topics in the Autumn of 2012.The series of four online conformal coating webinars will cover the following topics and each last 90 min. The second of the online training webinars will be:

Application Methods, Materials for Field Reliability
Monday 10th December

There are different Conformal Coating application methods and materials to coat a board assembly. The product type and its application are the key factors in the decision process but do you have the onsite knowledge? You should also look at the onsite or subcontract services options, depending on the product and the requirements, and it may make sense to contract it out for technical reasons. Assessment of the effectiveness of the selected conformal coating is key to long term reliability but how is this assessed and what are the criteria?

Topics will include:

Service environment and coating selection
Application with dip, spray, vacuum (parylene) & manual methods
Onsite or contract service what are the options?
What are the true cost factors to consider?
Reliability testing of coatings and products

Please click online conformal coating webinars for further information.

Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Chris Palin, Humiseal

Chris is currently managing sales and technical support in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa for HumiSeal and is advising on conformal coating material and process solutions in all industries. He has 30 years experience in the electronics industry and his roles have included global product and technical manager for power die attach materials for OMG, European Manager for Lord Chemical for encapsulation and adhesive systems including thermally conductive systems and European Sale Manger for Kester Solder.

The Experts for Conformal Coating come from a range of backgrounds and areas allowing a wide scope for knowledge transfer.

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Please note that all of the Associate conformal coating technical experts express their own opinions free of charge and have no financial affiliation to Nexus.  Any opinions expressed by the experts is not the viewpoint of Nexus3c Ltd.

World Wide Conformal Coating Workshops and Conference Tour from Nexus

World Wide Conformal Coating Workshops Tour

Nexus are to hold a series of workshops starting in October 2012 across Asia, Europe and North America. These workshops will address all of the main topics connected to Conformal Coating, providing education and cutting edge knowledge to engineers concerned with the process.

Areas to be covered in the series of Conformal Coating Workshops include:

These One day workshops will be held at a range of venues starting in Asia in October. Conformal Coating Users can attend and view a series of presentations throughout the day plus speak with all the relevant suppliers at a table top section.

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