Do you need mil spec qualification for your conformal coating?


The Mil Standard (MIL-I-46058C) is a US military conformal coating standard.

It has been inactive for new designs since November 1998.

However, the standard is still widely used for independent certification of conformal coatings.

This means that an independent test house will test the conformal coating. It is not self-certified.

All companies tested to the Mil standard are listed on a Qualified Product List (QPL).

Therefore, conformal coatings listed on the QPL will have been through rigorous 3rd party testing.

MIL-I-46058C is a guideline for quality. However, other standards like IPC-CC-830 may be equally relevant.


What is the role of a qualification or standard in conformal coating?

The role of a standard and qualifications is to give a guideline for users on the quality of a product.

For conformal coating standards and qualifications there are two areas that they cover.

These are:

  • Material manufacture
  • Production process

The conformal coating material manufacture standards are used for making the conformal coating.

They are only really relevant to suppliers so that they can measure their coating performance against a set of tests.

The conformal coating production standards are used for qualifying a process.

They are used in the production environment.

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Which conformal coating standards do you need in the production process?

For conformal coating processing and inspection there are many different types of standards.

They include international, national, national trade bodies and internal company standards.

The purpose of standards is to give guidance for users on the quality of the conformal coating process.

For conformal coating standards there are two areas that they address.

These are:

  • Conformal coating manufacture
  • Conformal coating production process

These two areas are distinctly different.

Standards for conformal coating manufacture

These standards are used for the manufacture of the conformal coating.

They include:

  • MIL-I-46058C
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • IPC-CC-830B
  • IEC 61086-1 ed2.0

These standards are used to test the quality of the conformal coating before use.

The standards can also be split in two other ways.

  • Self-Certification: Those that the manufacturer follows and completes the testing themselves on their own conformal coatings.
  • Independent: Those standards that are completed by independent laboratories on the customer coatings.

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Standards for the conformal coating process

The standards for processing conformal coatings are used by the end user of the coating in the production environment.

They include:

  • IPC A 610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC-HDBK-830 Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Conformal Coatings

Both standards are self-certifying and help the production team control their conformal coating processes.

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Dr Lee Hitchens, Author of Nexus website and ebook
Dr Lee Hitchens, Author of Nexus

Dr Lee Hitchens is the author of the Nexus conformal coating website and eBook.

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What is the role of the Standards in conformal coating processing?

The role of the standard is to give a guideline for users on the quality of the product.

There are International, National, National Trade Bodies and internal company standards for conformal coating processing and inspection.

For Conformal Coating there are two areas that the Standards cover. These are:

  • Material Qualification
  • Process Control

These two types of standard are very different and it is important to use the right one for your process.

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