Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: Modus

Modus has developed parallax free automated conformal coating inspection for batch and inline processing

Modus have technological advances in parallax-free image capturing by Multi-LED lighting using with special optics to provide a homogeneous UV light perfect for the use of inspection of UV fluorescent conformal coatings. This ensures PARALLAX FREE conformal coating assessment without areas of shadow.

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Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Klaus Franck, Modus

Klaus Franck is the founder, Managing Director and Chief Manager of the advanced technology section at Modus high-tech electronics GmbH, the world’s leading company for parallax free scanning technology in visual inspection.

Prior to found Modus he started his own engineering office in 1986 with great experience in building test equipment and custom designed test solutions. He gained long term experience at Philips during that time. Mr. Franck has now more than 25 years experience in test and Optical inspection, and for 5 years has been developing inspection strategies for automatic conformal coating optical inspection with UV trace in various applications.

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Modus Join the NEW Conformal Coating Suppliers Request A Quotation Service launched by Nexus3C

German AOI company, Modus, have joined the NEW Conformal Coating Suppliers Request A Quotation Service launched by Nexus3C which starts end of May 2012.

Modus have 25 years of  know-how with image processing being pioneers at developing scanner based industrial image  processing systems and provide an Automated Conformal Coating Inspection System. The solutions Modus provide is total software and hardware development from one source with long time experience in the automotive area.

Nexus3C are to start the NEW conformal coating quotation service from end of May where customers can request quotations for equipment, materials, subcontract coating services, training and consultancy from MULTIPLE companies who wish to participate in the scheme.

Nexus then forward the information AUTOMATICALLY to the subscribed conformal coating suppliers so that independent quotations can be received. Nexus are paid through a subscription service and do not filter the information in any way. The information entered through the Request A Quotation Form is passed automatically without fitlering to each of the indicated partners so that complete fairness to both suppliers and the customers can be achieved.

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Modus joins Nexus3C Conformal Coating Supplier Database

Germany AOI experts, Modus, has joined the Nexus3C Supplier Database which will launch at the beginning of June 2012.

Modus have 25 years of  know-how with image processing being pioneers at developing scanner based industrial image  processing systems and provide Automated Conformal Coating Inspection Systems.

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