Conformal Coating Webinars from Nexus

Nexus are running a number of conformal coating webinar events over the winter period on all aspects of conformal coating, design, inspection and quality control.

The series of four online training webinars will cover the following topics and last 90 min each:


Conformal Coating Guide to Design, Application and Reliability  –  12th November 2012

Application Methods, Materials for Field Reliability  –  10th December 2012

Inspection and Quality Control of Coated Boards  –  7th January 2013

Rework, Repair and in Process Applications  –  4th February 2013


Please click online conformal coating training webinars for further information.

Nexus are Exhibiting at the SMART Group European Conference on Packaging, Assembly and Reliability plus Table Top Exhibition

Nexus will have a table top display at the SMART Group European Conference next month on the 18-19th September in Thame, England.
The conference is titled The Big Zero Conference – Design and Build Reliability and if your goal is O% rework, O% field failures SMART Group’s exciting 2 day conference is for you! This year we are concentrating on design, production and reliability of electronic assemblies with particular emphasis on new components and assembly technologies.

Topics include:
Design for manufacture and reliability of high density devices
Design, fabrication and reliability of advanced circuit boards
Solder paste application and alloy selection for high density interconnection
Soldering of high density packages
Cleaning and conformal coating
Component packaging developments
Thermal management
Mitigation techniques for tin whiskers
Reliability and testing regimes
Novel materials, bonding, processing, packaging techniques and technologies
Come and listen to industry experts and take time to work with Nexus on your conformal coating requirements. For further details on the conference click SMART Group European Conference on Packaging, Assembly and Reliability plus Table Top Exhibition


Profile: Mel Popovich, Nexus Founder Member, Conformal Coating Consultant & Parylene Expert

Each Month Nexus will profile an influential person who either works directly in the conformal coating industry or impacts on the area through his work or position.

Mel Popovich, a parylene expert and owner of Diamond MT, a conformal coating subcontract service in North America, discusses why Nexus is a great tool for suppliers and users alike.

Click to read more about Mel Popovich, Nexus Consultant & Parylene Expert

World Wide Conformal Coating Workshops and Conference Tour from Nexus

World Wide Conformal Coating Workshops Tour

Nexus are to hold a series of workshops starting in October 2012 across Asia, Europe and North America. These workshops will address all of the main topics connected to Conformal Coating, providing education and cutting edge knowledge to engineers concerned with the process.

Areas to be covered in the series of Conformal Coating Workshops include:

These One day workshops will be held at a range of venues starting in Asia in October. Conformal Coating Users can attend and view a series of presentations throughout the day plus speak with all the relevant suppliers at a table top section.

Click for information on Global Conformal Coating Workshop Program

Nexus How To Guide on the Control of Conformal Coating Viscosity available NOW

One of the most important variables in conformal coating that can cause chaos in your processes. What does viscosity affect and how can you control it in your conformal coating assembly processing?

The Nexus How To Guides are a range of Technical Bulletins that will be available weekly.

Each How To Guide will be initially launched through the FREE subscription service. The Guides will then be available for access online here below. There will also be a Printer Friendly version and a PDF version for easy download if required.

Dont miss out on your copy of the NEW How To Guides from Nexus as they are published

If already subscribed, Click Nexus How To Guide on the Control of Conformal Coating Viscosity to access.

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New Associate Conformal Coating Experts Section for Nexus

Nexus has created an “associate” expert section for industry leaders in conformal coating allowing them to express their views on key areas.
Each Month Nexus examine an important issue in conformal coating that is relevant to users, suppliers and distributors alike.  The Experts will examine various areas of conformal coating and express their views covering key areas of interest which will be reviewed within a jargon busting area.

Nexus is open to all associate consultants and experts from companies who can offer advice to users of the service on any areas of conformal coating, cleaning and long term reliability.

Click New Associate Conformal Coating Experts Section to find an expert to help you.

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Nexus Conformal Coating FEATURE: Conformal Coating Inspection: What do you see?

Each Month Nexus examine an important issue in conformal coating that is relevant to users, suppliers and distributors alike.
In August Nexus investigates key conformal coating inspection issues faced today by users and suppliers of conformal coatings, services and equipment. Experts in the area will be asked to point across their viewpoint and key areas of interest will be reviewed with a jargon busting area.
One of August’s features with Nexus was Conformal Coating Inspection: What do you see?
Conformal Coating Inspection is a key area in the conformal coating application process and a successfully coated Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This article looks at the conformal coating standards, what they actually mean, what you can see with new automated conformal coating inspection technology today and what you now need to consider if you want a reliable inspection process.

Click Nexus Conformal Coating Inspection: What do you see? to access the article.

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Nexus is an Independent Conformal Coating Resource and Database

Nexus brings together the accumulated knowledge of a group of conformal coating and electronics material dispensing consultants who provide a unique service, focussed on helping electronics manufacturing clients improve their conformal coating and electronics materials processes.

Nexus operate across North America, Europe and Asia and can provide a unique perspective to the rapidly growing conformal coating and electronics materials industry. Expertise is held in liquid and parylene coating, capital equipment sales and specifications and material, equipment and process specification, troubleshooting and training.

One of the founder members of Nexus is Dr Lee Hitchens PhD who has worked within the conformal coating industry for over 18 years. Until recently Dr Hitchens’ work included sales of conformal coating materials and capital robotic equipment in all areas of the world. However, he decided to form Nexus and become independent.

Dr Hitchens sums up Nexus,

“The demands on conformal coatings and the processes that apply them are becoming more and more complex with the exponential growth in electronics. Couple this with the knowledge gap and the lack of time to learn in most companies and you find a very difficult situation for most users.

Nexus is here to bridge the gap. Independent of all material and major capital equipment suppliers, our consultants can offer a unique perspective into conformal coating that users can tap into, as much or as little as needed. We can champion the user but also offer help to the supplier who needs to educate a rapidly growing market across the globe.”

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Ask The Conformal Coating Experts! – Access the FREE service from Nexus3c

Nexus3C offer an Ask the Experts FREE Service for conformal coating clients who require help with their coating processes, equipment, materials or any other issues.

Our professional consultants will answer with complete confidentiality.

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