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What is the real cost for conformal coating processes problems?

What does it cost a company to make a mistake in conformal coating processing?

  • Extra rework?
  • Scrapping a batch of PCBs?
  • Loss of a key customer?
  • A Lawsuit for damages?

However, Having an in-house conformal coating expert available for problems that occur infrequently is very expensive in today’s economic world.

Nexus can offer  ongoing Independent conformal coating support contracts for all levels of budgets and help protect your processes before the small problems get too big!

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Have Nexus Benchmark your processes that affect the conformal coating line….

Nexus can assess your full facility and show how it influences the quality of your conformal coating process. The assessment of a customers current conformal coating processes against industry standards wall also aid improvement within the facility.

A typical project would include

  • a site visit to audit the customer’s conformal coating facilities and processes surrounding the conformal coating area.
  • Discussions with staff members regarding the conformal coating processes, understanding their needs for production, the requirements for the product to be protected by the conformal coating and any other issues such as commercial or health & safety restraints
  • Analysis of the conformal coating process findings with recommendations for further improvements delivered in a report for future reference

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Have your own inhouse Independent Conformal Coating Consultant work for you!

Having an in-house conformal coating expert available for problems that occur infrequently is very expensive in today’s economic world. Nexus now offer you the ability to have one without the huge associated costs!

Nexus now offer  ongoing conformal coating support contracts for all levels of budget including the FREE BRONZE 12 Month Package for companies who just need the occasional contact.

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Use Nexus Consultancy to Optimise your Conformal Coating Process

Occasionally, a conformal coating process can be out of specification or just not meeting the requirements and expectations of the customer. When this occurs it is sometimes difficult to spot the root cause of the failures.

Nexus can provide an experienced examination of the manufacturing line, enabling fine-tuning of the conformal coating process. Using knowledge accumulated over many years troubleshooting customer issues a practical, cost-effective answer can normally be provided quickly and efficiently.

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Benchmark your conformal coating process online! Find out how good your systems are with Nexus3c

In July, Nexus will launch a new online Bench Marking Service for users of conformal coatings. The system will allow information about processes to be entered and gives out a report of how safe the coating systems are with options on improvements.

This novel service allows Nexus to lead the way in conformal coating consultancy.

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Trouble Shoot your Conformal Coating Process with Nexus3c

Conformal coating issues and problems occur regularly in the world of electronics manufacturing. When the problems occur the customer needs fast, practical and commercially sensible solutions to the issues.

To aid the customer Nexus3C can offer unparalleled knowledge, failure analysis tools and skills to identify failure mechanisms in the conformal coating process, whether this is a long term field failure or a line process control issue.

Nexus3C can provide a complete assessment of the problem or issue facing the customer, carrying out any failure analysis if required, offer practical advice and knowledge, and ensure a solution is found.

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