Five important facts about polyurethane (UR) conformal coatings

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  1. Polyurethane (UR) conformal coatings generally provide good humidity & moisture protection although not always as good as the acrylics. However, it normally is enough to protect the circuit board.
  2. Normally, urethanes are selected for their excellent chemical resistance. This is because the coatings cure rather than dry. That is they cross-link by one of many different methods including heat, UV, moisture and catalysed cure.
  3. Typically they have higher dielectric properties compared to the acrylic conformal coatings.
  4. Their chemical resistance, however, can be a limitation since rework and repair generally is more difficult than the acrylic coatings.
  5. UR coatings are normally available as either single or two-component formulations. Pot life is dependent on the cure mechanism but can be more limited than the acrylic coatings.

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