Nexus Series of Webinars: Conformal Coating Rework, Repair and In Process Application

Nexus are to hold a series of webinars on conformal coating topics in the Autumn of 2012.The series of four online conformal coating webinars will cover the following topics and each last 90 min. The last of the online training webinars will be:

Rework, Repair & In Process Application
Monday 4th February Rework of coating boards is a skilled job to obtain the optimum product reliability. Different materials or thicker coating may require different techniques to maintain the same reliability provided by the original coating system. It’s not always possible to use the same coating system in a rework situation so what are the alternatives?

Topics will include:

Material identification
Conformal Coating removal techniques
Cleaning & preparation
What coatings are compatible?
Re-coating assemblies after rework
Inspection of coatings after rework

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Nexus Used Equipment: Reconditioned WS100 Wet Stripping System for Conformal Coating Removal from Printed Circuit Boards

SCH Technologies have a reconditioned WS100 Wet Stripping System for Conformal Coating Removal from Printed Circuit Boards for sale. The system has been used very little and can include pumps or stand alone.

Ref: 003Used.

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