What are my options for conformal coating application methods?

This is a question I am asked time and again.

Of course most people know of the selective robot and how it applies conformal coating.

However, there are many different application methods available for both liquid conformal coatings and Parylene and listed below are the common techniques:

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Note, each of the various methods has different strengths and weaknesses.

However, each of these application methods should be considered in relation to the holistic approach to conformal coating processing 

What is the holistic approach to conformal coating?

The holistic approach states that you should consider the conformal coating material, the application process and the circuit board together and not as three separate entities.

I consider this approach the most fundamental issue and crucial factor in all of conformal coating processing.

Ironically, it is ignored on a regular basis.

In fact, I find that the failure to apply the holistic approach at the beginning of the conformal coating selection process is normally the root cause of many conformal coating problems.


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Design Rules for circuits to be conformal coated by Selective Robot

Selectively coating a circuit board with a robot can be a simple process.

However, for too many designers, conformal coating is simply a part number, to be applied to circuit boards.

This failure to appreciate the subtleties of the selective robot application process can result in an un-coatable (at least as specified) assembly process.

Follow our conformal coating design rules and save time, money and pain!

Every company has its own horror stories and folk lore about the challenges faced when conformal coating an assembly to successfully meet the designer’s specification.

It is almost certain that the majority of these ‘nightmare’ scenarios could have been headed off during the design and or prototyping stages of development.

Coating close to connectors.jpeg
Trying to coat connectors right up to the base of the component is going to challenge even the best engineers. Apply some conformal coating Design Rules and avoid these problems!

The design rules for conformal coating are straightforward.

Follow them and you can save money and time in your application process.

However, if the rules are not followed, the resultant circuit board design can challenge even the most sophisticated conformal coating system and its operator to achieve the finish desired.

Find out more about Conformal Coating Design Rules for Selective Robot Systems.

Conformal Coating Suppliers In the Spotlight: Diamond SCH

Diamond SCH officially launch their New Subcontract Conformal Coating Service in Shenzhen China in August at the Nepcon Shenzhen Show

Diamond SCH will offer liquid, parylene and RFI / EMI shielding subcontract coating services to the China and Asian markets and the new facility will include equipment such as spray booths, a selective robot, dip coating and parylene vapour deposition systems.

Click Diamond SCH China Subcontract Conformal Coating Service to read the full article

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