Nexus Conformal Coating Video Library: An inline conformal coating selective robot coating a printed circuit board with a non-atomised spray valve

Nexus, the Conformal Coating Resource, have a section which has videos showing processes for conformal coating and also company video’s of which Nexus feels offer technical information to users of conformal coating.

This video shows An inline conformal coating selective robot coating a printed circuit board with a non-atomised spray valve

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Introducing Nexus Associate Expert: Phil Kinner, PVA

Phil Kinner is the European Sales Manager for Precision Valve and Automation (PVA,) the world’s leading conformal coating dispensing solution provider.  Prior to joining PVA, Mr. Kinner worked for the leading conformal coating manufacturer HumiSeal for 12 years, starting as a Development Chemist and lastly serving as the Business Director North America and Asia.  Mr Kinner is therefore well qualified to speak on matters relating to both chemistry and the associated dispensing processes, and has a great familiarity with the global conformal coating business.

Each Month as part of the Nexus Newsletter a panel of experts are asked their opinions on a challenging area in conformal coating. Their responses are published to help others solve their issues.

The Experts for Conformal Coating come from a range of backgrounds and areas allowing a wide scope for knowledge transfer.

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Please note that all of the Associate conformal coating technical experts express their own opinions free of charge and have no financial affiliation to Nexus.  Any opinions expressed by the experts is not the viewpoint of Nexus3c Ltd.

Conformal Coating Selective Robots Compared in Nexus3c Database

Entering the Nexus supplier Database gives you access to comparison tables of the conformal coating selective coating and dispensing robot systems globally available.

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