Find out more about companies providing conformal coating equipment, materials and services with Nexus

Suppliers Section

Nexus provide a Suppliers Section for users of the site.

These are companies who provide materials, equipment or services for the thin film technologies markets.

We provide details on their products and services as well as their contact information in an easily searchable section of our website.

These sections include:

  • Supplier Directories
  • Supplier Profiles
  • Spotlight Services

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Supplier Directories

The directories section of Nexus that provides supplier lists by country and product.

They include directories for:

  • Independent coating services
  • Coating materials
  • Masking materials
  • Coating equipment
  • Cleaning materials
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Training and consultancy

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Supplier Profile

An individual page on a coating company providing some details on what services and products they provide.

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Spotlight Services

The service highlights new products coming to market that relate to thin film technologies.

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Conformal Coating Newsletter From Nexus will be Available 13th July

The next Newsletter from Nexus will be available on July 13th.

In this Months issue Nexus will cover the Main Feature – Conformal Coating Material Challenges which will include

  • Ask The Experts – Challenges for users and suppliers
  • Technical Article – Key Material Challenges
  • Technical Article- Selecting a Material and a Supplier

Nexus will also cover the New Research Program through Focus on R&D- Why is Nexus carrying out the Research?
Nexus will also announce the New 12 Month Global Workshops Program

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Nexus Conformal Coating Spotlight Service: MG Chemicals exhibit at Farnborough International Aerospace (FIA) Show in UK in partnership with SCH Technologies

Canadian based company, MG Chemicals, has invested significantly in overseas marketing this year by targeting key exhibitions such as Farnborough in July, Nepcon Shenzhen in August and Electronica India in September.  The FIA show, with its 1300 military exhibitors are exactly the customers MG wish to target with their specialist electronics materials and believe their products are exactly what customers need.

Further, with a new range of materials to be launched shortly, MG see the FIA Show as a great launch pad for their new partnership with SCH Technologies. As a technical expert in conformal coating materials, it was easy for SCH to work with MG and their range of products without compromising on independence from conformal coatings.

Dr Lee Hitchens, Technical Director for SCH, explained the decision:

“SCH are a technical based company providing solutions to companies rather than a catalog based sales approach. We have built up long term relationships with customers by providing the right conformal coating solutions for their product. MG’s products allow us to offer our customers additional ranges of materials whilst crucially remaining neutral with the conformal coatings side of the business”.

Click to See MG Chemicals

Find the Distributor for Conformal Coating Suppliers in your region with Nexus

Nexus have introduced a section to allow distributors to be linked to the conformal coating material and equipment suppliers. This allows the user to find the local representative for a material quickly and easily all within the same resource.

This is also linked through the Material Selection Guide so once you have decided which conformal coating materials you want further information from you can contact the distributor if they have signed up for the service.

This Service goes live on Monday 18th June.

For further information go to Nexus and look at THE INDEPENDENT  conformal Coating Resource.


Find all your dispensing needs on Nexus through the Supplier Database

Looking for dispensing equipment to dispense conformal coatings, adhesives, potting compounds or other materials.

Then check out the Supplier Database at Nexus

Humiseal, Conformal Coating Material Supplier In the Spotlight!

HumiSeal® strengthens team with the appointment of Key Account Manager

Leading vendor of conformal coating solutions, HumiSeal®, has announced the appointment of Marie Kaing to the position of key account manager with direct responsibility for developing and supporting Global Automotive customers.

HumiSeal®, one of the original creators and innovators in conformal coatings, has led the way for over 50 years and today stands out as a uniquely experienced and dynamic company.

See Humiseal Spotlight to read more

Each Month Nexus highlights companies to give users of the database the chance to see cutting edge news and stories.

Go to the Supplier Spotlight Section of Nexus

Using the Conformal Coating Materials Selection Guide From Nexus

The Conformal Coating Selection Guide is now ready for users to compare their conformal coating material requirements.

Users will be able to specify their technical requirements for a conformal coating material and the location where the coating is to be used and the Nexus Selection Guide will provide different materials FROM DIFFERENT CONFORMAL COATING COMPANIES from around the world. This allows customers to compare technical specifications and supplier information from one portal providing INDEPENDENT power to the customer.

To use the system follow these simple instructions:

  • Log on  / sign up for Nexus
  • Indicate the Country or Region you would like to buy the coating in (some materials are not available globally)
  • Type in your technical specifications
  • Choose from the selection of conformal coatings FROM DIFFERENT MATERIAL MANUFACTURERS
  • Request further information from the Manufacturers or distributors


Even better you can request FREE help on selection and also use Nexus’s buying Service to negotiate to buy the coatings at a discounted price.

Leading conformal coating material manufacturers like Humiseal have joined the Nexus Conformal Coating Material Selection Guide Service.

Select your conformal coating material from multiple suppliers and find your contact for that material in your region of the world.

Contact Nexus to use the Conformal Coating Selection Guide

Use the Nexus Independent Request a Quote Service for your conformal coating Equipment and Systems

Use the Nexus Request A Quote Service to find conformal coating equipment from multiple conformal coating systems suppliers who provide the machines in different specific countries of the world.

The system allows users to:

  • Select the type of conformal coating equipment or system
  • Select the Region, Country or State where the equipment or system would be purchased from

Nexus then forwards AUTOMATICALLY the request for a quotation to suppliers of the equipment required in the right region. It also identifies the suppliers contact details or the distributor details to allow the customer to contact the customer if needed.

Click for Conformal Coating Request A Quote Service

Use Nexus to help with your Conformal Coating Material Selection

Nexus3C offers invaluable advice, practical experience and knowledge to assist in the selection of a conformal coating material ensuring.

Nexus Consultants have intimate knowledge of available conformal coatings and conformal coating equipment in the market place and work with suppliers on a regular basis. They are also aware of the current standards, legislation, and best practices and have in-depth experience in recommending processes that work immediately and without compromise.

This allows Nexus3C to recommend the optimum practical and commercially suitable process for the customer, without compromise to results.

Ask Nexus to help you select your conformal coating materials.

Need a Conformal Coating Dip System…. No problem, Use the Nexus Supplier Database to identify the right supplier for you

The Conformal Coating Database provides a Supplier Profile Section which brings together Manufacturers of Conformal Coating Equipment and Materials, Conformal Coating Service Providers, Distributors, Training Suppliers and Consultants all in one easy to use searchable index system.

Identify the right supplier for your conformal coating dipping equipment and contact them today. Or use our Request A Quote Service which automatically requests quotations for equipment like dip systems from the right suppliers.

Use the Equipment Section of Nexus Supplier Profile Database or Use the Request a Quote Section for Dip Coating machines.