Conformal coatings used in transport protection

Conformal coatings are used all over the world in so many diverse applications.

One of the largest areas is in transportation.

Conformal coatings protect circuit boards in many sectors of the transport market for both commercial and military applications.

These include:

  • Aerospace (Planes, UAV, rockets)
  • Automotive (cars, motorcycles & commercial vehicles)
  • Rail (Passenger and freight)
  • Sea (Ships of all descriptions)

Of course the reasons for the use of conformal coating are for safety critical reliability improvement and not just inconvenience to the user if the electronics fail.

This makes transport one of the largest sectors for conformal coating use in the world.

It also has some of the most stringent conformal coating standards for the materials to pass.

Conformal coatings protect many different transportation systems including air, land and sea
Conformal coatings protect many different transportation systems

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