Why use a conformal coating to protect a circuit board?

A fundamental question asked quite often is why do I need to coat?

After all, it costs money and it can be difficult to process. Not very attractive to use it!

However, there are several reasons why a traditional liquid conformal coating or Parylene could be used to protect a printed circuit board (PCB).

These reasons include:

  • Improving the insulation protection of the circuit
  • Increasing the protection of the circuit from attack from high moisture and humidity
  • Increasing the circuits chemical and temperature resistance
  • Making the circuit board more resilient through ruggedisation
  • Improving the dielectric properties of the printed circuit board
  • Creating barrier protection from liquids such as water, blood etc
  • Stopping the board surface getting dirty from contamination that can lead to corrosion long term

To find out more about these reasons read our section why use a conformal coating?

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