Nexus are holding a Conformal Coating Workshop in Shenzhen China in October 2012

Shenzhen China Workshop October 2012

Nexus are to hold a conformal coating workshop in the Diamond SCH coating facility in Shenzhen China on the 17th October 2012.

This workshop will address all of the main topics connected to Conformal Coating, providing education and cutting edge knowledge to engineers concerned with the process. There will be both practical and theoretical sessions allowing real life understanding of the conformal coating process.

Areas to be covered in the series of Conformal Coating Workshop include:

Conformal Coating Materials Understanding Liquid Conformal Coating Materials & their Selection
Application Processes Select the right application system with the right material or not!
Parylene Processes All you need to Know to decide if you need this high performance process?
Designing for coating Design Rules for applying conformal coating successfully and efficiently
Masking  Processes Just how can you improve the processes and reduce your mistakes
Process Control How do you keep control of your coating line and ensure your customer stays happy?


Understand what you actually are looking and automatic inspection
Troubleshooting When the conformal coating goes wrong understand why
Circuit Board Reliability How to measure how reliable your electronics really are with conformal coating
RFI Shielding Coating Understand how shielding coatings work, which ones to select and how you apply them
Encapsulation and Potting Where do they fit in compared to conformal coatings?

This One-day workshop will be held at the Diamond SCH Conformal Coating Facility. The address is 3rd Floor, A5 Building, Tianrui Industrial Park, Fuyuan Road1, FuYong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.

Please click Conformal Coating Workshop in Shenzhen China for further information

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